A Criminal Attorney is the Best Strategist to Defend an Alleged Criminal


A good criminal defense attorney is the most suitable person to defend your case if you have been leveled with a criminal charge. The attorney, based on his knowledge of criminal laws and experience in the field along with evidence found at the site of the crime, will come up with a strategy to rip apart the prosecutor’s plan in order to establish the allegations against you as false or hyperbole.

Therefore, a defense strategy planned by a Tampa criminal attorney is heavily influenced by the findings of what the prosecutor may see. The best strategy in favor of criminal defense emerges when the defense attorney presents a believable story to show his client in the best light possible. It could result in a lesser charge, plea bargain, conviction or even receiving a verdict of ‘not guilty’.

The “Truth”

A defense lawyer and a prosecutor can present two contradicting stories by using the same foundation of real events. It’s the onus on both the defendant and the criminal defense attorney to present the best possible story that will favor the defendant’s situation. The followings are the should-have features of the end story:

  • Story based on an accurate foundation of evidence
  • Being able to get sympathy from the jury or the judge
  • Explaining and establishing the reasons for the occurrence of the events in the defendant’ story

Admission and Denials of Crime

It’s less likely that two defendants will present the same versions of what happened during the crime. A defendant’s story can come under any of the following categories:

  • A ‘Confession’ Story
  • A “Complete Denial” Story
  • An “Admit and Explain” Story

Creating a Strategy to Defend “The Alleged Criminal”

After the criminal defense attorney listens to the full story from the defendant, it is more likely for them to work closely to create a strategy in favor of the alleged criminal. Creating a strategy that will best favor the defendant is pretty tough as the lawyer has to present the truth in such a way that shows the defendant’s lessened legal culpability or innocence.

The scenario often involves considering witnesses’ credibility, determining a reputation between the police and the community. The “Theory of the Case” is largely influenced by all these crucial considerations and based on the defendant’s side of the story and other evidences and provable facts.

You Can Go Scot Free by Revealing the Truth

The defendant should not hide anything from the defense attorney. The attorney also wants to hear the ‘Complete Truth’ instead of “Sugar-coated Lies”. Revelation of the truth by the defendant often leads to a lesser charge.

For example, if a defendant confesses that he has committed a murder but only to save his life, the charge against him will be reduced to a less serious crime.

Talk to Your Criminal Attorney

There is a variety of criminal defense strategies, depending on the nature of the crime. You may deny the allegations brought against you or consider pleading ‘Truth’. However, no one but only a criminal defense attorney will be able to explain all possible options available in your case and defend you against all the odds in the best possible way.