9 Reasons Why Australia is a Top-rated Study Destination


There can be endless options for those who want to study abroad as there are a number of reputed universities and colleges all across the world. But, Australia is the most favorite and sought-after choice among the students aspiring for overseas education. Given here are a number of reasons why Australia is gaining popularity as a study destination.

Best Education System in the World:

Australia is unanimously accepted for having the best education system by academicians all across the world. University of Melbourne, University of Queensland and University of New South Wales are among the 50 top-rated universities in the globe. Australian universities are always more than happy to welcome international students with open arms and as per a report of Student city ranking of QS, Melbourne is among the top five best student cities in the world.


Living expenses and tuition fee cost considerable lower here than in United Kingdom and United States. Besides that, international students are able to work part time when they study which allows them to offset their living expenses easily. Good possibilities of getting scholarships also lower down their living costs.

Student Visa to Australia can be Easily Obtained:

In comparison to other countries, Visa to study in Australia can be easily obtained. International students aspiring to study in Australia can take part in “Overseas Student Program.” There are a number of requirements to be met for obtaining student Visa and hence students have a hard time in obtaining it. Confirmation of enrollment, adequacy of financial resources, English skills, insurance and tons of other formalities can seem to be much of efforts but in Australia the process is a simple one and a bunch of qualified people would guide you thoroughly for the same. You can take help about the same from My Assignment Help Australia.

Diversified Options in Education Available:

There are a number of institutions in Australia that offer a wide-ranging degrees and courses. Whatever vocational or academic education or English language training students want to choose, they will come across a plenty of options for the same. They do not have to explore much and can easily find the course of their choice.

Better Job Opportunities After Graduation:

There are higher chances of landing up in a good job after your studies in Australia. If you do not want to return to your home country after graduation you can apply for “temporary graduate visa” which will enable you to work in Australia for a year after graduation. In the United States it is far more difficult to get working permission. Australian universities are globally recognized for maintaining the highest level of education and hence getting degree from Australia can make a very impressive portfolio.

Students Can Work Overtime and Meet Their Expenses:

International students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week while studying in Australia. This is a great opportunity for those students who want to earn for meeting their living expenses. To know more about this you can get in contact with an expert team of Assignment help.

Emphasis on Scientific Research:

Australia is technologically advanced. This is one of the most impressive and the most appealing aspects of Australia. This country is in the forefront of new technology and innovations. Students all across the world is highly impressed with the Australian resources and technology which can be put in use for academic excellence.

Students Have Ease of Communication:

When you are in Australia you would have a great chance to improve your English skills. English is the official language of Australia and students have an ease in communicating in their day to day lives. All the organizational things like applying for Universities or signing rental contract or registering at a new city or applying for student’s visa everything takes place in English.

Nature’s at its Best:

One reason of students coming from far and wide to Australia for studying can be its breathtaking landscapes. They can enjoy the pristine beauty of Nature here and have a whale of time when they are not studying. Great Barrier Reefs and some parts of the Australian rainforest are in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Australia is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and a top destination for the students aspiring to study abroad. Easy accessibility to part time jobs, a good career and reduced cost of living, there are plenty of reasons good enough to study in Australia.

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