8 Things You Can’t-Miss When Travelling to Australia


There are so many incredible things to do in Australia; it is difficult for you to choose. If you are planning your fabulous trip to this wonderful country, you might want to consider some of the following eight activities.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Most everyone will agree that The Great Ocean Road, Victoria is a “must-see.” This 150-mile drive leads you along the continent’s hemline. You will be thrilled with some of the most dramatic scenery Australia has to offer. You can make this trip if you rent a car, or, so you don’t miss any of the sites, you might consider going on a tour. Along the journey, you will undoubtedly want to stop at Apollo Bay and Great Otway National Park. 

Surf holidays

The second thing to list is your surf holidays. Australia is known as one of the greatest surfing nations. It also is by far the largest surf country of the Southern Hemisphere. You will get swells from all directions. You will quickly discover that surfing forms part of a lifestyle where millions and millions of people have an interest. This is one reason Australian surfboard creators have taken the lead in innovation, production, and design since the mid-1960s. The brands of Billabong, Rip Curl, and Quicksilver all started in this great country.

Kakadu National Park

The third must-see is the Kakadu National Park. It is particularly spectacular towards the end-of-year season because the reptiles and birds cram into the wetlands. You will notice this most in Yellow Waters Lagoon. It seems like it becomes an open-air zoo. You will be amazed by what you will see, which includes white egrets, brolgas, jabirus, sea eagles, jacanas, pelicans, snake birds, and goannas. Oh, we forgot the crocodiles.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you climb to the heights, you will be stunned with the 360-degree panorama of the greatest harbour in the world. If you choose to wear the special Bridgesuit, harness, and communication gear, you might be able to ascend to the bridge’s arch. You will have the ultimate city view at 440 feet above sea level.

Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk

Number five is incredible. The walk gives you an indigenous perspective in regards to the rainforest wonders of the beautiful Mossman Gorge. It is located in Queensland’s tropical north. It provides a source for the Kuku Yalanji people for spiritual sustenance, food, and medicine.

Flinders Ranges

You can experience the sunset in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. You can join a crowd in the evening at the Prairie Hotel. Located in Parachilna it offers a sunset that provides a sunset of a multi-coloured curtain across the desert sky. Goats are often hunted in this vast terrain, though with the application of professional hunting etiquette and patience expected
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The Great Barrier Reef

No one can visit Australia without seeing the number seven-item, The Great Barrier Reef. People see this as one of the most dazzling of mother nature’s creations. It offers a labyrinth of lagoons, islands, coral cays, channels, and caverns. You will also find a huge variety of marine life. Once you arrive, just put on a snorkel and mask then lie face down in the water. You will see magnificent sites you’ve never seen before.

Nine-mile tram ride

The eighth site is Tram Route 96, Melbourne. The nine-mile tram ride takes you from the north of the city, going across the heart and south to the beachside St Kilda. Along the route, you will see some of the fantastic icons the city has to offer. Some of these include the Melbourne Museum, the Exhibition Buildings, Carlton Gardens, State Parliament, the Bourke Street Mall, and Luna Park.

These are some of the eight most fantastic sites you will want to see. However, be aware that these are just the beginning as there are so many more.