7 Ways to Stand Out at an Industry Trade Show


Trade shows are where business owners, investors, and other stakeholders gather together to showcase and discuss the latest products within their specific industry.

Business owners usually set up display stands or booths where their newest products are displayed. Investors, consumers and other business owners will walk around and observe the various products on display.

They may strike up discussions with the representative at the booth to find out more information on their products and business.

Companies need to practice brand activation at trade shows. This is a practice where you use innovative and creative solutions to promote your brand and its products attractively. 

This will make your brand stand out from the rest of the competition at the trade show. Below are seven ways to stand out at an industry trade show.

Use Big Stuff

Bigger is always better when you want to capture people’s attention. If you have the most prominent signs, posters, television screens, pictures, and other advertising source material, then people will notice your booth immediately as they walk by.

For instance, if your company makes children’s toys, then you could put a life-size stuffed giraffe next to your booth. Get creative with the big stuff, and you will draw a huge crowd.

Pop-Up Tent

Pop-up tents always stand out at trade shows. They have a classic design to them that creates an intimate environment for people to approach and see what is showcased in it. 

A lot of companies will place an open kiosk machine in the tent, so people can help look up information and make purchases on their own.

Pop-up tents almost look like a small open parachute with the company’s brand name and logo on the top of it.

Attractive Models

People are always attracted to other beautiful people. You could hire an attractive female model to be the hostess of your booth. She could be the one who shows off your products to guests who pass by your booth.

Let the model wear your company’s colours and brand imagery. This is very important because people will associate the beauty of the model with the vision and professionalism of your company.

Offer Refreshments

People always love free food and beverages. You could set up a little snack area in your booth where guests can be served a small snack and drink. 

Your company does not even need to be in the food industry either. This creates an incentive for people to spend more time at your booth and see what you have to offer.

Social Media

Use social media for advertising your booth at the event. Take digital photographs and video recordings of the products at your kiosk and upload them to social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You could also think about doing a live video stream of the event on YouTube as well.

Rent a Bigger Space

It is easier for people to notice your booth if you have a bigger space available for it. That is why you should rent a big space at the venue for your booth. 

Set it up by implementing the suggestions mentioned above. The more space you cover with your materials and items, the more noticeable it will be.

Giveaway Contest

Host a giveaway contest at your booth. You could promise to give away one copy of your product to the winner of the competition. 

Perhaps you could make it a raffle where people purchase a ticket and whoever has the winning number on their ticket wins the product. There are lots of options for this type of contest.