7 Creative Corporate Gift Ideas

Vietnamese businessman giving Christmas present to female colleague

Working in an office is not always exciting, but the holidays can help bring some cheer into a place of work.

From exciting decorations to company lunches and fun gift exchanges, the holiday spirit is bound to spread from office to office.

It is never easy to decide on gifts to give in gift exchanges, especially when your boss could be involved. Everybody wants to impress all their coworkers, but there is no set guidelines for how to do that!

Tech items can be over the gift exchange budget, but anything else seems unimpressive or even border on lame.

Any of these seven gift ideas are sure to make a good impression on your boss and coworkers alike!

#1 A Custom Star Map

Anything custom makes a perfect gift because you know nobody will have just the same idea. Give your boss or your closest coworker friends a custom star map that depicts a special date you share.

A custom print from Twinkle in Time could please anyone who receives it. You only have to insert a date that is important to the recipient along with the location to get a map of the stars in the sky from that night.

Stray away from the average gift. Twinkle in Time can offer a gift that says more than anyone else’s idea will.

#2 Start-Up Card Game

Corporate offices are often a serious business. Breakaway from the seriousness and offer your coworkers a gift that is tons of fun!

Card games are always a crowd-pleaser. One that is themed to startup businesses will entertain your guests even more.

Silicon Valley Start Ups is a fun game where players get to name their own businesses with the most ridiculous features. Your coworkers will get a kick out of the crazy ideas the game concocts. They have to try to get the play-investor to fund the silly concept.

Nobody would think of a work-themed game being any fun, but this one differs because of how creative ideas are!

#3 Key Finder

Any gift that utilizes technology is impressive, whether it is a corporate gift or not. Your coworkers would really appreciate something they could actually use and not just another pair of cozy socks.

The Tile Mate key finder is a great tool for anyone who drives to work or has a house key to keep track of. Keep this nifty item on your keychain, connect it to the smartphone app, and never worry about lost keys again.

The app can show the user exactly where they left their keys. It is a super lightweight addition to the keychain, so there is no need to worry about heavy pockets!

Nothing beats a gift that makes life a little bit easier, especially for the coworker that is always losing their keys.

#4 A Reusable Water Bottle

Paper cups at the desk are not only a nuisance when you accidentally elbow them over. They are also not environmentally friendly and do not look cool to drink from.

Anyone of your coworkers would enjoy the modern appeal of a Kool8 water bottle. Fill it up with coffee in the morning and water throughout the day. It can keep both drinks the perfect temperature for all work hours!

Kool8 bottles are also made from sleek stainless steel that is ultra-durable. The bottles come in many vibrant colors to make any desk a little more exciting and were recently named best water bottles for 2020 by Giftwits.com.

A practical reusable bottle would make the perfect Secret Santa or White Elephant gift among your coworkers.

#5 Smart Garage Door Opener

Homeowners know the stress of remembering whether or not they closed the garage door when leaving home. With many family members coming and going, it is hard to keep track of if it is closed or not.

A smart garage door opener can relieve some of this stress, and even offer a few bonus features! If you won’t be home and are expecting a delivery, you can communicate with the delivery man to leave the package in the garage to prevent stealing.

It is easy to hook up the device to your smartphone app to track exactly when people are coming and going. Set up alerts and connect the whole household for a safer home.

Your coworkers that must provide for their families would no doubt love the security that a smart garage door can offer. This would make a useful, exciting gift for any corporate gift exchange.

#6 Espresso Coffee Maker

It’s hard to find a full-time employee who can’t live a day without a little coffee. Even better than coffee is a quick sip of some delicious espresso.

With the high costs of some of America’s favorite coffee chains, an espresso make can help save a few dollars every day. An at-home espresso maker can make life a little more fun and a lot tastier.

Cool Things Chicago staff loves the Nespresso machine for an upgraded coffee experience at home or in the workplace! The machine can stay at work for that midday pick-me-up or be used at home for that morning awakening.

Coffee can be an asset to effective work. Espresso can help even more for a boost of energy before a day’s work.

This would make an awesome gift that everyone would fight for during a round of gift-giving. It is a unique gift that will make you the coworker of the year.

#7 A Business Binder

Organization is key when it comes to running a business. Many notebooks, folders, pens, and other business tools are tough to carry around and often get lost in the shuffle during a day of work.

To keep all the important items in one safe, easily accessible space, a portfolio binder would make a huge difference.

With so many pockets in just one folder, there is space for just about everything. Keep important business cards safe, your work tablet in its own sleeve, and a notepad inside for business notes.

Pack it in a gift with pens and paper for the ultimate organizational tool that anyone would love to have.

Be the ultimate coworker and give a gift that is guaranteed to please. Impress everyone with something awesome!