7 Birthday Gifts For Your Wife To Make Her Fall In Love With You All Over Again


Her birthday is around the corner and surely you must have been raking your mind to do something unique for her. Something to take her by surprise and sweep her off her feet. Here is a suggestion! Why you don’t present her with something that made her fall in love with you in the first place. Remember those dating days when romance was brimming in your heart for her and your every move was supposed to woo her like never before. The innocent feeling of love which made you two come closer and closer every day. A gift or gesture hinting on those days will take her back to the days when a single call from you flushed her cheeks. If nothing sort of comes to mind, here are a few suggestions that will definitely do the trick!

  • The First Date

Take her to the same place where you two had your first date. Just visiting the place will open the dam and several loving memories will flood her mind. On top of it all, she will be impressed that you still remember the tiny details of your relationship. If the place happens to be a restaurant or a dining joint, try to order the same food you had on your very first date with your perfect girl.

  • The Midnight Surprise

Well, the birthday moment begins when the clock struck 12 at midnight and there is no reason that moment should not be celebrated like the rest of the day. Order a birthday cake for wife in her favourite flavour and choose midnight delivery for the same. Imagine her surprise when she will open the door to have a surprise birthday cake baked with love just for her. Be a good husband and don’t forget to accompany it with a beautiful floral arrangement.

  • The Memory Wall

A picture is worth a thousand words! Take her on a trip down memory lane and present her with some gorgeous pictures from the past that represents some happy moments that you two spent together. Now, to rank high on showmanship, frame them in some personalised photo frame, each engraved with a short heartfelt message. She will be touched by this loving gesture. Thank us later!

  • Seal It With A Jewel

Recreate the moment when you gifted her first token of love and she was gushed, feeling utterly in love and committed to you. Whether it was a ring, a pendant, a bracelet or just a friendship band, make sure to up your game this time and spare no expense. Gift her the same jewel but this time instead of going for fashion jewellery, choose a precious one for her. Be it gold, diamond or platinum. This will tell her that you still love her the same or even more but the bond between you two have become stronger.

  • The Shopping Mania

Surely, she would have requested you to shop together while you were dating her. Whether you shop with her or not at that time, surely you are taking her to the mall on her birthday. She will be delighted to pick up some new clothes, shoes, perfumes for both of you and it could easily be turned into a wonderful evening by extending the day with dinner and a movie. Just like the good old’ days.

  • The Love Letter

A handwritten love letter from you can make her feel like a teen in romantic Hollywood flick or something that is portrayed in a novel. You don’t have to think too hard while curating a love letter for her. Simply write about anything, be it about the day you had moist fun with her, what you like the most about her, how she stood like a rock with you during tough times or just how much you appreciate her. Don’t you think she deserves this?

  • A Feel-Good Basket

You must have heard about hampers and gift combo with a number of products with them. A feel-good basket is the same but it will be crafted by you and not a brand or company. You know her well enough to pick some of her favourite things, like lotion, movies, snacks, perfumes and accents that she just loves to have. Combine all these things and put it in a woven basket or any box, if you will and present her with this gift that screams how much you care about her likes and dislikes. 

Whatever you wish to choose for her, remember, nothing could replace you. Along with these wonderful presents, gift her your companionship and affection. She will be expecting it most of all.