6 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media This Holiday Season


It’s hard to believe, especially after a year like 2020 has been, that it is almost time to ring in the holiday season.  Now, more than ever, we need to create a social media presence that is festive and warm.  If your business is hoping to spread some seasonal cheer across its social channels, then you will want to read the following 6 ways to use social media during the holidays.

Humanize your brand

The holidays are the perfect time to facilitate an organic relationship with your followers. If you want to show the softer side of your business, then try to connect more personally and warmly with your customers.  You can start by changing your profile and header images to something festive, or wrap your logo in Christmas lights.  Use holiday colors and imagery to make your page stand out as one that is full of holiday cheer.

Start a holiday hashtag

Hashtags are a useful marketing tool because they can generate more followers on a popular topic.  You can find trending topics by simply doing a Google search or you can create your own phrase that you can use to curate your holiday related posts. For instance, eBay used #GiftGoals as a campaign to spark conversations about finding the perfect present.

Promote a charity

There’s no better way to position your business as a leader in the community than by partnering with a charity to raise money for a good cause.  You can engage your clients to help out by organizing a food or gift drive and posting about it on social media.  Direct your followers toward how they can participate on all of your social media platforms, including ConnectPal, Facebook and Instagram.

Schedule posts

Being personable goes a long way to showing your customers that you are willing to go the extra mile.  So, with that sentiment in mind, why not schedule a post or two on the day of the actual holiday?  You can even set posts to go out on Christmas Eve, Christmas, the days of Hanukkah, and New Year’s Day and Eve.  When your followers are scrolling through their social media feeds, they’ll come across your post too.

Share photos and videos

Whether you are using Tik Tok, YouTube or ConnectPal, you can use the holiday season as an opportunity to show photos and videos of you and your staff doing festive activities.  For instance, you could share some pictures of holiday decorations, a video of your team giving back, or behind the scenes looks of how your company prepares for the holidays.

Create a social media promotion

What better way to reward your loyal customers than by offering exclusive social media promotions and deals. You can do this by providing links to special pricing and offers that are only available through certain social media platforms.

These are all great ways your business can use social media to shine this season, but if you need one more idea, ask your customers to create and share content.  The sharing goes both ways!