6 Ways to Keep Cool and Look Good This Summer


Summertime is known for a few things: Sun, surf and, unfortunately, sweat. This heat can discourage even the most adventurous of us, especially when you risk heat exhaustion just by going out. Still, you should not let this great weather go to waste!

Want to keep cool in the sweltering heat of summer while looking smoking hot? Well, you can do that without actually suffocating in your stylish clothes. All you have to do is keep the weather in mind when dressing and change a few things up.

Your fashion sense does not have to suffer in the summer heat, and neither do you.

Wear Light Colours

Everyone has a favoured colour they tend to dress in. But for the summer, you might want to make a few sacrifices. One of the best ways to beat the heat in the summer is by cooling down your colour palette.

Put the black away and pick up lighter colours this season. Light colours absorb less heat and help to reflect it away. White is, of course, the ideal choice, but other colours work just as well.

Cotton and Linen

With everyone going green nowadays, it is time to join in the effort too. Go for the natural look and stay away from synthetic fabrics. Natural blends such as cotton and linen are much more comfortable and cooling under the sun.

These materials are excellent for absorbing sweat. Meanwhile, they are also breathable enough that you will not be producing much of it in the first place. Additionally, natural materials are infinitely more environment-friendly than your typical synthetic blends.

The Right Underwear

Choosing the right underwear will also help to keep you feeling relaxed and fresh in the summer heat. Instead of a padded bra, for example, a lighter bralette or similar will keep you cooler.

The right texture and material of underwear can help you properly enjoy the season without burning up. You can look at some options for women’s underwear from Simone Perele. Good, high-quality lingerie will make a massive difference in comfort; trust me.

Hang Loose

It is a good idea to go for looser clothing styles during the summer. Such clothes will help to give you a breezy and floaty feeling even under the blazing heat. However, having structured garments, such as ones with embroidery or seams, also helps to avoid clothes from sticking to your skin when you start sweating.

Tight-fitting clothes might be flattering but will quickly become a nuisance in the summer heat. Loose clothes can be fashionable too, especially if you go for oversized shirts and the like.

Sun Defence

Accessories tend to be a bad idea during the summer, especially large, clunky jewellery or other unnecessary pieces. There are some that you should definitely keep on hand, though. These include a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses.

These can help to shelter you from being exposed to excessive sunshine. Additionally, you might want to carry a light scarf to cover yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Besides, you can also use a scarf as a hair tie and keep your hair from sticking to your skin.

Do Not Forget Your Feet

Your look should show off an outward presentation of the person you are inside. This means that your fashion sense should extend from top to toe. Be sure to choose the right footwear as well.

No socks during the summer if you can avoid it. Thongs or slides are the best choices for summer days. Neutral coloured strappy sandals are one of the best options for the summertime. Remember: let your toes breathe.