6 Strategies One Must Consider to Deal With Market Competition


When you are dealing market competition, you need to know how to make your company sand out from the rest. You need to bring as many loyal customers over to your business as you possibly can, and you must have a look a what your options are, consider how much they cost and consider the personality of your business. Each company must be true to itself when fighting the competition, and these six steps will help you raise revenue every year.

You Need A Slogan

Every company has to have a slogan. Your competition likely went to great lengths to ensure that they had a slogan that people would remember. Think for a moment about the slogans that you remember from your childhood, the companies you admire, and any jingles that you sing along with, on the radio.

If you have never written a slogan before, you should hire a marketer or advertiser who will do the work for you. This is a one-time expense that you could use and reuse for decades to come because your customers get used to it.

You Need To Be The Expert

You must paint your company as an expert in your field. If you are working in a specialized industry, you need to make it clear that you have an answer to every problem. If you are working in retail or an industry that has the market saturated, you must help your company stand out by educating the customer. Every company you compete with might do the job just as well as you do, but these companies might not educate the customer as well as you do. Start a blog that will help you teach the public about what your company does every day.

Market To The Local Economy


You must market to the local economy before you market to anyone else. It is nice to have a global following, but that does not mean that you can earn all the money you need from international customers. Your local audience is much easier to find, and you could have people come to your shop every day based on things like a sale, a giveaway, or even an event that you are hosting. The business that makes the most money is the one that has local customers coming through every day, buying faithfully, and referring their friends.

Host Events/Sales

You must host events or sales, but you should tie your events and sales into your social media campaign. The competition can have a sale, but you need to have a sale that also includes a giveaway and a special prize for people who sign up online. Your company needs events like this if you want to increase brand awareness.

When you add several layers to your event, you can easily get more people to show up. If you give away a prize to everyone who signs up on social media, you will automatically have more followers. Even if these customers do not buy the first time they visit your company, they will see all your social media posts.

Keep Prices Competitive

You need to show your customers that you are cheaper to use than the competition. When you are lowering your prices, you must do a price analysis on every item or service that you sell. You need to decide how much money you want to make on each item, and you can lower the price what you have determined is an acceptable level. This is a very simple thing to do when you work with your accountant, and you will find that comparing prices in your advertising convinces people that they should shop with you.

Honourable Mention: Run Advertising

The advertising that you do should be local, but you need to do more than run digital ads or target people who live in a certain location. Local TV and radio spots are a great way for you to show off your latest jingle advertise the product yourself, and acquaint the customers with your business. You have an even better chance of growing your customer base if you read the ads yourself. When you add a human side to your business, the customers tend to trust you more.


The competition that you face in your market or industry is such that you need to do everything in your power to earn the trust of customers. You must do as much local advertising as you can, and you must lower prices to ensure that people want to shop with you. Plus, you need to host events, paint yourself as the expert, and allow your customers to shop with you online. When you have done everything in your power to gain an advantage, the customers will tend to shop with your business over the rest.