6 Industries Where Cryptocurrency Will Be Big


The cryptocurrency revolution impacts businesses around the world across almost all sectors. While it is still a relatively new concept, digital currencies are growing in popularity. Thanks to its ability to remove middlemen, it can process instant payments and remove transactional costs. In the coming years, it is expected that cryptocurrency will be bigger, especially in the industries we’ll be talking about in this article.

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  • Retail

The retail industry is one of the biggest adopters of cryptocurrency globally. Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Whole Foods are some of the most popular retailers accepting cryptocurrency. In the past, most of the retail purchases were paid via cash or credit and debit cards. Slowly, cryptocurrency is building its reputation as an alternative and more convenient payment method. This is a free to use digital asset, which will also lower the costs of operation among retail outlets. There are no payment intermediaries that will have a cut on the sale.

  • Real Estate

Using cryptocurrency in real estate allows international transactions in markets with monetary controls. For instance, Chinese individuals have a $50,000 limit to overseas investments. To lure Chinese investors even with the existing capital controls, real estate companies are relying on cryptocurrency. To continue the flow of investments despite the state sanctions, the unregulated nature of cryptocurrency saves the day!

  • Construction

One of the biggest applications of cryptocurrency in construction is evident in the plan of Akon to build a real-life Wakanda. This futuristic crypto city in Senegal will operate under the Akoin ecosystem, a cryptocurrency that aims to bring back power to the people. More so, amongst construction companies, using cryptocurrency is a great way to lower the costs of raw materials by removing intermediaries in the payment channels.

  • Entertainment

From movies to music, cryptocurrencies are changing the entertainment industry. The most obvious effect would be revolutionizing payments. It also gives content creators full control of their projects, especially when it comes to monetization. By removing intermediaries in the picture, artists will earn more.

  • Finance

Cryptocurrency is heavily impacting banks and other financial institutions. It eliminates middlemen while also lowering the costs of transactions. Plus, it is providing a plethora of new investment opportunities. Cryptocurrency is one of the most attractive asset classes despite being new and volatile.

  • Healthcare

Cryptocurrency companies are offering innovative ways to encourage users to become healthy. For instance, Lympo, a crypto platform with a focus on fitness, is rewarding members with LYM tokens for their healthy behaviors. Hayver, on the other hand, is a mobile app that uses a support network and behavioral modification to battle alcohol addiction. Users will receive cryptocurrency incentives for their progress.

From retail to finance, cryptocurrency is present across several industries. Businesses in the sectors mentioned above should be quick to act to take advantage of digital currencies and reap its many benefits!