5 Top Features to Look for in Trailers for Sale

Looking for trailers for sale? Not sure which features you need to be on the lookout for? This article will detail five key features of trailers for sale that you need to be paying attention to. Read on to find out more.

1 – Tyres & Wheels

When looking at trailers for sale, don’t forget to consider wheels and tyres. You need certain kinds of wheels and tyres that are a match for your trailer, offering a greater ability to handle larger weights. If you’re thinking about buying second hand trailers for sale, you could find a good trailer with inappropriate wheels and tyres. If this is the case, you can always change these after purchase, although it will be a little bit more fiddly compared to getting everything perfect in the first instance. New trailers for sale should already have the best tyres and wheels. When buying tyres, or assessing their appropriateness for your trailer, you might need to be aware of your trailer’s ATM, which stands for aggregate trailer mass. This is simply your trailer’s weight plus the maximum trailer load. You need to know this so you can ensure your tyres have the right weight capacity. Don’t go for oversized tyres, as they may not align properly and could cause stress on trailer components. 

2 – Axle Location

When inspecting trailers for sale, you need to know that the trailer types that feature an axle behind the load centre will provide greater stability. Trailer models that have the axle in the trailer’s centre can be a lot less sturdy. An axle is a round or square shaft that has wheels moving around it. The most common axles are straight beam axles, often used in domestic and boat trailers. The overlay beam axle is advantageous in that it lowers trailer height, with the result of less wind resistance and greater steadiness.  

3 – Rear Bumper

Your rear bumper is what pulls your trailer and all the weight that you plan to haul. So when you’re looking at trailers for sale, you need to consider your rear bumper and how to best make use of it. There are all sorts of attachments that can use your rear bumper, but if the bumper itself isn’t sturdy, then you’re in trouble. It pays to do research into which brands of trailers for sale are compatible with your bumper. 

4 – Tongue Length

A tongue is the component that connects the car and the trailer, and the tongue length is a consideration of how long this part is. As a rough guide, the tongue length should be half the width of the tow vehicle, minimum. When looking at trailers for sale, you really want a longer tongue length, as it allows for greater control and flexibility when moving the trailer around. A shorter tongue length can indicate poor construction that makes manoeuvring the trailer difficult. 

5 – Towing Vehicle

It’s important to consider what kind of towing vehicle you want to use. There must be a match between your car and the trailer. For example, a small car will not be able to tow an off road trailer, and this pairing would not make sense because a small car won’t be able to go off road. If you want to go off road or pull a heavier load, then your towing vehicle needs to be larger, like a 4WD vehicle.