5 Tips to a Cozier Basement


Did you have grand plans for your basement, only to find it isn’t the relaxation spot you’d hoped? Do you think an expensive, lengthy renovation is needed to make it a place you’d like to spend time? Make the most of your space and transform your basement into a cozy hangout.

Evict Pests

Critters may find their way into your basement and think that it’s cozy just the way it is! However, to make your basement cozy for your human loved ones, you’re going to need to evict any pests that have taken up residence. Check wood for any signs of insect damage, and look for droppings or other evidence of insect or animal activity. Have pest control rid your home of critters and close up any access points before proceeding.

Warm It Up!

Basements have a reputation for being too chilly. To create a cozy basement, consider adding insulation to protect against falling temperatures. Check for any cracks along doors or egress windows allowing warm air to escape. A simple test would be to hold a lit candle between the window and the trim. If the flame flickers or bends, there’s a leak.

What about your heating system? Does your HVAC system heat your basement properly? If you’re not sure your HVAC is performing optimally or doesn’t seem to heat your basement to your liking, schedule a yearly tuneup with an HVAC professional to make sure your heating system stays operational.

Camouflage Scary Basement Parts

Image via Flickr by sagesolar

Have rusty, exposed pipes or beams? Choose a color that matches or complements the walls to make them blend in, or become part of the decor. All of the sudden, the parts of the basement that make it uninviting become part of its charm.

Fix up the Floor

It’s hard to have a cozy basement with cold, hard concrete flooring. You’ve got options! Don’t want to stick with gray? You can brighten the space by applying a few coats of light colored epoxy paint to the concrete, which will also help waterproof it. Soften and warm floors with carpet tile squares, as they are often inexpensive and don’t require professional installation. Select a large area rug, if that suits you, to create a warm, inviting space.

Silence Creepy Noises

You want your basement to look cozy, but the creepy noises should also be addressed. Add insulation to minimize noise from other areas of the house, and check out your HVAC. Many homes have the HVAC in the basement, and a malfunctioning HVAC can really ruin the ambiance. Not only do you want routine maintenance on your HVAC to be sure it warms your new hangout properly, but you want to cut down on loud, ill-timed, or startling noises. While your HVAC professional is making sure your basement stays warm enough, they can check out any unusual noises, as well.

With attention to the right details, your basement can be a cozy oasis in no time.