5 Things you should take care of while preparing for your NEET


In the era before, educational institutions were just enough to crack any competitive exams but now the time has totally changed. Today self-study and NEET preparation go hand in hand. This tough competition has given rise to the need for different coaching classes that pay special attention to the students and prepare them to study well for the exams. These methods are not so easy to understand on your own and so NEET coaching plays a vital role in cracking the NEET exams.

NEET is a national-level examination conducted by NTA. The candidates who want to get admission to medical courses must qualify for the entrance test.  NEET questions may come from class 11-12 books including physics, chemistry, and biology.

The first thing that applicants should know is the complete information about the official NEET syllabus. They should compare the syllabus according to the board exams. As it is quite easier if candidates should prepare their board exams thoroughly then they already know how to prepare for the medical entrance exams.

Secondly, the most important factor which is to prepare for any exam is good study material as well as time schedule. NCERT is the best book to prepare for the exams. Applicants can discuss with their NEET teachers and toppers their doubts and suggestions.

Thirdly, the students should practice sample papers and the previous year’s question paper. Solving question papers will also give them an idea about the question paper. They can also give more mock tests which will improve their knowledge about the question paper.

Fourthly, the time schedule. The applicants have to create a timetable. A timetable can help and follow the regular basis study routine. In a timetable, we have to create a chart where you will get a calendar and diary, set out long study hours, and prepare important notes. Candidates should note down all important points clearly which will help to avoid problems during the time of revision.

Fifthly, the candidates should avoid all-day study sessions, especially for difficult topics especially when you will have mathematical problems and physics numerical. They need more concentration while having those difficult problems. So, that is why they could make a proper plan and take time breaks in between study sessions to prepare for the exam in a better way. You need to take a night of proper sleep. A full complete sleep is the best meditation. It will boost your concentration power.

Candidates should not avoid NCERT textbooks because 70% of questions will come from only NCERT textbooks. There are 180 MCQ questions from each subject that carry 720 marks as each question carries 4 marks within 3 hours of time duration. Students must follow all the rules and regulations before entering the examination hall.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are many more suggestions that one must follow while preparing for the NEET examination as given by the experts. If you want to know more about the things that you must follow while preparing for the Neet examination, then follow the backlinks.