5 Things You Must Have In Remote On-Site Accommodation


On-site accommodation is crucial to the success of any mining operation. Bad accommodation and facilities will leave your workforce tired and unproductive and in the long run, it will make recruiting and retaining staff virtually impossible. Good on-site accommodation on the other hand can have the opposite effect. It will ensure that staff get a good night’s sleep and stay happy and productive. And of course, if your workers feel well cared for, the word will spread across the industry and recruiting for future projects will become a lot easier.

But what exactly do you need to have good temporary on-site accommodation?

Flexible layouts

Different people have different needs and preferences. When it comes to sleeper caravans, your staff should be able to choose between a variety of layouts. Whether they prefer a bigger bedroom and a smaller living space or vice versa, giving your workers the flexibility to choose their layout will go a long way to making them happy.

So when you’re selecting your accommodation provider, look for a mining exploration caravans range that offers multiple layout options.


Rural projects can endure all sorts of weather conditions and terrain. From extreme heat to difficult dirt roads, your trailers, trucks and caravans need to be able to withstand some serious adversity. You need something that is robust and durable and can be easily transported from location to location.

Custom-built showers

No two projects are the same. Different projects have different requirements and they can often create different problems and issues. Having toilets and showers custom built for your project will ensure that your workers can shower and take care of themselves with minimal effort or disruption. It sounds like a small thing, but in extreme conditions, a shower is far more than a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. Allowing your workers to shower easily and comfortably is key to their wellbeing.

An office that suits your needs

Much like the sleeper units, your office space needs to fit your own individual requirements. On one project, you may prioritise having an open plan space where workers can come and discuss issues with you. On another, you might place a higher priority on having storage and desk space. You therefore need an office that is made with custom fit-out based on your needs.

A robust kitchen

A good meal can solve almost anything! And when working in extreme and remote locations, workers really appreciate having a central hub where they can relax, fuel up on food and relax. Having a robust kitchen kitted out with all the necessary appliances is therefore key.


Whether you are diamond drilling, working on a pipeline or mining, having a robust, durable and comfortable camp is key to your success. Whilst working in extreme conditions far away from home, workers really appreciate a place where they can relax and get a good feed. When looking for an on-site temporary accommodation supplier, look for someone who can customise their vans to suit your needs. Whether it’s the layout of your sleeper vans or the set-up in your showers, having something customised or custom-built for your workers’ needs will have a huge impact on their happiness and productivity.