5 Things To Consider While Booking A PG in Chennai

There are many hurdles one faces while growing up, and one of them is when a person has to move out of their comfort zones to pursue their professional endeavors. Domestic migration to top cities in the country is on the rise and Chennai, as one of the biggest cities, is witness to a huge influx of migrants every year. Home to many prestigious educational institutions and MNCs, the city has seen an almost parallel rise in rental accommodation options. While diverse options exist, PGs in Chennai are most sought after as they are budget-friendly and offer quite a few amenities to fulfill basic living needs. Managed accommodation is the new-age avtaar of rental housing in the city, with thoughtfully-designed spaces, fully-furnished rooms, engaging areas like gyms, entertainment zones, terraces, and more. These are further operated by professional teams that take care of a host of amenities like food, housekeeping, laundry, internet, and more, so you don’t have to worry about surviving in a new city. If you are looking for a good accommodation option, you should check out managed accommodations here, located across major spots in the city.

Let’s have a look at certain things that are to be remembered while renting a PG in Chennai:

Value for Money

Saving cash is consistently on top of the priority list for some and since you are new to the city you should be mindful of your spending. Before you select a PG in Chennai, cautiously check the sum you will be paying for rent and if there are any overhead charges that may astound you later in your stay. At the same time, there is no need to compromise on your daily living requirements just to save money. There are quite a few value for money professional accommodations that offer all-inclusive rent packages. These ensure that you have a fixed monthly expense that factors in the cost of amenities so you don’t end up over-spending. Also, you don’t have to spend additionally on utility charges, furniture, etc while enjoying a hassle-free stay.

Check the Amenities Offered

The most important point before moving into a PG in Chennai is to keep a vigilant eye on amenities offered by the landowner. Some local PGs in Chennai might offer an image of ‘extravagant services’ but often individuals end-up with a dreadful experience. There may be water and power issues, cleanliness concerns/no housekeeping etc that are the basics of living and their non-fulfillment can be annoying and exhausting. Having these amenities professionally looked after is very convenient and managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living make life simpler on this front.

Vicinity to your Workplace/College

If you are a student, chances are, you would prefer a PG in Chennai closer to your college. Likewise, as a working professional, you would favor living closer to the office so you don’t punch in late and lose a day’s pay. Closeness to metro lines, shopping areas, restaurants, and essential services also needs to be considered. We can’t highlight enough the benefits of selecting an apt area, that is not too far from a daily commute perspective.


Reviews are a sure shot method to comprehend the genuine state of a PG in Chennai that you are considering living in. While you might miss out on some things, reviews can bring you insights concerning the services, the administration, and the general everyday environments, that are difficult to gauge at the time of booking. With this, you can spare yourself from the pain of searching for a good option.

Rules and Regulations

Diverse PGs in Chennai have various guidelines. You may approve of a few; however, some probably won’t supplement your way of life or your calendar. For example, many PGs in Chennai work on strict curfew timelines. They likewise have distinct perspectives on visitor policy and who all can be allowed in. Before you move in, have a clear discussion with the landlord about the current rules and regulations, what is and isn’t permitted in the PG premise. Accordingly, make a choice on what you are adaptable to and what is restrictive and choose a PG space accordingly.

These are some of the things which one should consider before moving into a PG in Chennai.