5 Reasons to Visit Kansas City in the Winter  



    For those looking for a quick and inexpensive winter getaway, Kansas City can be a great choice. Kansas City lets you, your family, and your friends escape the winter pandemic while still remaining conscious of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    No matter if you’re planning a solo trip, a family vacation, or a weekend out with your friends, Kansas City has many budget-friendly options for everyone. There’s plenty to do during the winter for shoppers, foodies, outdoors people, and more. If you’re planning a winter retreat, consider Kansas City for the following reasons:

    1. There Are Plenty of Free Activities

    A quick search engine exploration of fun and free things to do in Kansas City will bring up countless lists of attractions and events. Kansas City and the surrounding areas offer a diverse range of activities, especially during the winter. In the past, these have included crafts for kids, holiday fests featuring local vendors, and holiday concerts. You can find currently scheduled events and ongoing attractions on the city’s tourism website, Visit KC.

    Commonly cited winter favorites include hiking, ice skating, window shopping holiday displays, and visiting the city’s countless history and art museums. Kansas City and neighboring cities are home to The Wonderscope Children’s Museum, The Ice at Park Place, and Martin City Melodrama, to name a few attractions.

    Keep in mind that some attractions and museums may have limited capacity compared to years past due to the pandemic. To navigate the limitations, designate a few must-see attractions and call ahead or visit their websites to see how they’ve modified their services during the pandemic. Many places offer creative solutions and are still accepting reservations in advance to ensure social distancing.

    1. It’s Less Crowded

    Fewer people vacation during winter, which is considered the offseason for most cities. However, that’s often not true of more common holiday and winter vacation cities, such as Miami or New York City. No matter when you plan a vacation for such spots, they’ll always be more crowded as tourists, family visiting for the holidays, and locals mingle around the city.

    However, Kansas City has a lower population density, and it does have a peak touring season. As such, winter is an ideal time to plan a socially distanced vacation. Besides being safer, fewer people means wait times for restaurants and attractions will decrease. With all that saved time, you will have more time to visit even more attractions, stores, and restaurants.

    1. Travel Accommodations are Cheaper

    Since winter is the offseason for most tourism, hotels, airfare, and rental cars are generally cheaper. Additionally, many hotels now offer discounted rates or extra perks to attract more visitors because of the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, you most likely won’t have to reserve a hotel as far in advance, and you may get rooms that generally cost more for cheaper.

    If you’re willing to stay outside of Kansas City, you can get even cheaper rates. Choosing a hotel in Lenexa, for instance, will save you money and give you access to all the attractions in Lenexa as well as Kansas City. A hotel in Lenexa, KS, generally costs less than one in Kansas City, but it’s close enough to the city not to cause you and your vacation crew any travel inconveniences.

    1. You Can Experience Winter and Holiday Attractions

    Winter is an ideal time to visit Kansas City because of the numerous winter-only attractions available. Special events, such as holiday concerts, the city-wide WinterFest, Kansas City Zoo holiday events, and more are only available during the winter. Even during the pandemic, the city and surrounding areas plan to set up many holiday and New Year displays and socially distanced events.

    Those who enjoy holiday shopping will also have access to unique small boutiques to stock up on holiday gifts and souvenirs. Outdoorspeople can ski, ice skate, and enjoy other winter-only outdoor activities.

    1. There are Countless Restaurant Specials and Events

    Kansas City has a vast array of culinary adventures to explore. Many high-end restaurants will offer winter specials, holiday-only dishes, or special events, such as wine tasting, during the winter. Others offer hot chocolate bars or to-go options during the pandemic.

    Winter Vacationing in Kansas City

    While Kansas City may not be the first city to come to mind for a winter trip, it has a lot to offer people with an array of interests. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy winter-only recreation, while shoppers can visit holiday displays and local boutiques. There’s plenty for free activities and discounted events to enjoy around the city that will help you make the most of this unconventional holiday season.