5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters


    Mixed Martial Art is really popular around the globe, and UFC being the biggest MMA platform in the world is at the top of the tree.

    The fighters competing in the Octagon often earn a huge amount of money, Here we look at the top 5 most valuable UFC fighters.

    Conor McGregor

    Almost Everyone is familiar with Conor McGregor, one of the most notorious competitors in UFC history, McGregor is a crowd magnet.

    When the Super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor took place, Conor brought in a reported $100 million from the fight.

    After he returned to MMA, he fought and lost to Khabib Numerov in a UFC Fight night, he still took home a sum of around $50 million. 

    Apart from fighting Conor has multi-million dollar deals with various companies such as Burger King, Beats by Dre and Anheuser-Busch.

    He also has his own fashion line and an Irish whisky brand called Proper No.12. 

    His Net Worth is around $110 million, He is at No.3 in the UFC rankings in the Lightweight Divison.

    Conor McGregor - 5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters

    George St Pierre

    George St Pierre commonly known as GSP, is a MMA fighter and UFC superstar. GSP hails from Canada and was UFC Welterweight champion for a long time and had defended his title a record 9 times.

    George retired in 2013, but came back to the Octagon in 2017. From then onwards he competed in the Middleweight division. He won the Middleweight Championship but had to vacate it due to an injury.

    He brings in almost $6 million per fight and has a net worth of $30 million, he has endorsements with Hayabusa, Electronic Arts and Bacardi. GSP has reached No.1 in the UFC rankings.

    George St Pierre - 5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters

    Brock Lesner

    Brock Lesner is a MMA fighter, he was the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and is also a professional wrestler with the WWE. 

    Lesner is a four time Universal Champion and a top-tier superstar in the WWE as well as in the UFC.

    He is one of the highest paid WWE wrestlers, he earned $6.5 million from the WWE and around $6 million from the UFC.

    Brock also endorses various brands such as Jimmy Johns and Everlast. Brock lesner net worth is around $28 million. Brock Lesner reached the No.1 UFC Ranking in 2010.

    Brock Lesner - 5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters

    BJ Penn

    BJ Penn or as he is more commonly known as “ The Prodigy “, is a UFC Hall of Famer.

    Penn is a former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion, Penn was undefeated for 8 years straight.

    BJ was considered one of the best lightweight fighters ever, he is often credited as the one who brought the lightweight titles into the limelight. Penn put in a great performance in all UFC fight nights he took part in.

    Penn was also the first World Jiu-Jitsu champion who was not from Brazil. At the top of his career Penn reached the No.1 in UFC Rankings and stayed there for a long time.

    His Net Worth is $22 million.

    BJ Penn - 5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters

    Anderson Silva

    The former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “ The Spider “ Silva, is one of the greatest attackers (strikers) of all time.

    Silva holds the record for the longest winning streak in the UFC, he recorded 16 wins on the trot, Silva is often regarded as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.

    Silva was a huge crowd puller and was at the top of the UFC rankings at one point.

    Due to his exciting fighting style Silva was hugely popular and has received 5 Fight of the Night Bonuses, 2 Submission of the Night Bonuses and 7 Knockout of the Night Bonuses.

    Silva endorses some huge brands such as Burger King and Nike, his net worth is $18 million.

    Anderson Silva - 5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters