5 Most Haunted Houses For A Scary Staycation


If you are a fan of all things spooky, then you would probably enjoy going to horror houses or exploring abandoned places. But what if you can visit and actually stay at a haunted house for a night? Are you willing to take this scary challenge? If you are brave and adventurous enough to do so, check out these haunted houses that will let you spend the night for a creepy staycation experience.


The small town of Villisca, Iowa was shaken by the mysterious murder of an entire family in 1912. The Moore family and their two houseguests were brutally killed with an axe-wielding murderer. On the morning of June 10, 1912, they were found bludgeoned to death. The killer was never captured and his true identity had been speculated for years. But paranormal investigators have gathered evidence suggesting that a dark spirit haunts the house. 

Guests who have stayed in the house claim that it is indeed haunted. Paranormal incidents occur in the Blue Room where the two house guests were murdered, as well as the upstairs bedroom where the four Moore children were killed. Paranormal investigators gathered plenty of videos and audio evidence suggesting that the spirits of all eight victims are still dwelling within the house. 

For the entire night, you can rent out the axe murder house for up to six people. You can (TRY to) sleep in the actual rooms where the murders took place. 

BORGVATTNET VICARAGE (Borgvattnet, Sweden)

Borgvattnet Spökprästgård or Borgvattnet Vicarage is known as one of Sweden’s most haunted houses. Located in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden, it served as a place of residence for vicars or holy men back in 1876. Hauntings and other strange happenings were first reported in 1927 when the resident vicar claimed that an invisible force was throwing his laundry off the washing line. 

Every new vicar, their family or guests had claimed to experience supernatural events that continued for decades. Women appeared and disappeared in the bedrooms, things moved, shadow people were seen, an unseen force threw a resident out of his chair, and an antique rocking chair kept rocking without anyone sitting on it. The different legends of haunting tell of babies buried in the backyard abused maids, and old vicars themselves that haunt the house. 

This reputation of the vicarage caught the attention of a ghost priest named Tore Forslund in the early 1980s. He came to the town with a promise of getting rid of the apparitions that the citizens had capitalized on. But unfortunately, his exorcisms were unsuccessful, and he left the vicarage within a year. 

Today, the Borgvattnet Vicarage is a bed and breakfast, open for those who are brave enough to stay for the night. You have the option to rent out the whole place. If you manage to last through the entire night, you will receive a certificate as a mark of honor. 


In 1796, the Myrtles Plantation was built on top of what is believed to have been an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground. Since then, it has been one of America’s most haunted places. The former antebellum plantation is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including the spirits of former slaves and slaveowners. 

The Myrtles Plantation was also featured in several books, TV shows, and even movies. It attracted paranormal investigators from all over the world, like a team featured in Ghost Hunters named The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Several ghosts sightings have been reported, but Myrtles Plantation’s most famous resident is Chloe. She was a former slave who was also the mistress of Clark Woodruff, the plantation owner. One day, he caught Chloe listening to one of his conversations. As a punishment, Clark cut off Chloe’s ears. She vowed revenge on Clark by poisoning a cake she was asked to bake for him. Instead, Clark’s family have eaten it first and died, but he survived. Because of the fear of persecution, Chloe hung herself. 

To this day, the Myrtles Plantation has become a bed and breakfast and continues to draw a lot of visitors and tourists. You can book a stay for a night that includes a complimentary daily mystery tour and breakfast. 

Guests who have stayed at the former plantation have reported seeing handprints in their mirror, witnessing the grand piano playing by itself with the same haunting chord, and hearing rattling doors. Others have allegedly encountered former slaves asking them if any house chores need to be done, and felt cold spots throughout the house. A guest also claimed to have captured a photo of the infamous Chloe. 


Charlton House in London is a large Jacobean manor that dates back to the 16th century. It was built in 1607 for Sir Adam Newton who was Henry’s tutor (James I’s son). The mansion featured an impressive great hall, saloon, galley, state dining room, and chapel. The Charlton House has served as a family home to Sir William Langhorne as well. He purchased the property in 1680 and was desperately trying to produce an heir but he died without a child in 1714. It is believed that Sir William still haunts the rooms and halls of the mansion, refusing to accept that he died childless. 

Many occupants have lived and passed on in this house over many years. To this day, a lot of people have reported paranormal sightings. One of the most notable and terrifying ghosts of Charlton is the “grey lady.” 

On many occasions, her apparition was seen roaming the estate, especially at the chilling basement and the eerie attic. The grey lady was always carrying a bundle with what appears to be a baby inside.

The staff at Charlton House regularly have reported their belongings mysterious disappearing only to be found later in a completely different area of the house. They also refuse to go alone in the attic and the cellars due to the very oppressive feeling they get when they step inside. Previous visitors have also claimed to see doorknobs rattling and felt an unsettling feeling throughout the house. 


In 1892, the bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden were found brutally axed beyond recognition in their own home in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts. The only suspect was none other than Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie Borden. 

Many speculated that she had financial motives for murdering her father and stepmother. But despite being tried in court, Lizzie was not convicted. The Borden case captured the nation’s attention. This news was one of the first crimes in American history to unfold under media coverage.

The infamous Borden house was converted into a museum and bed and breakfast in 1996. Since then, many guests reported ghost sightings and strange sounds at night. Some even recounted their sheets being snatched while they were sleeping, objects moving on their own, and shadowy figures being captured in the dark. 

Visitors and guests can book a room and a tour in one stay. You can see gruesome photos of the butchered bodies and sleep in one of the haunted rooms. One of those is the John Morse Room, where Abbey Borden was axed to death.