5 Great Ways to Save Money When You Spend!


Everyone needs some retail therapy every now and then, but sometimes you simply can’t afford the top-quality item you are looking for, whether it is clothes, high-tech products, or furniture.

There are a few ways you can grab yourself a great deal on just about any product you want, as long as you are patient, do a little planning, and follow some of our top tips. Here are five great ways to save money when you spend!

Plan Purchases and Make the Most of Introductory Deals

Has this ever happened to you? You fill up a basket online of the thing you want online and then proceed to the checkout. You have to create an account on the site, you pay, and then a short while later you get an email offering you money off your next purchase. This is so frustrating.

Before you complete a purchase online, do a little research on the store. If customers are getting discounts after creating an account, do that first, and that claim your savings on your purchase. If customers get a discount on their second order, order something small first, and then make your bigger shop when you get the introductory offer.

Shop Savvy for Big Savings on Tech

Not enough people know about Amazon Warehouse. The Amazon site is a household name, and the chances are you have bought things from there, and maybe even big-ticket items like televisions and sofas.

Amazon Warehouse is their lesser-known site that offers some great deals. When goods and products are returned to Amazon, in top condition and fully working, they cannot relist them on their site as new condition products. This leads to a huge range of items being sold at huge discounts on their Amazon Warehouse site. Check it out and bag yourself a bargain.

Claim Coupons on Your Favorite Supplies

Coupons are a great way to save money on all kinds of products, and regular couponing can lead to regular savings on things that you use all the time. They can even help you save money to spend on more expensive things like vacations and home improvements!

The range of coupons available is astounding. If you are a regular crafter and enjoy making and creating your own works of art or homespun crafts, then you can find Joann coupons that will help you save hundreds of dollars a year on your supplies.

Get a Better Cellphone Plan

Everyone has a cellphone these days, but if you are not careful you can end up on an overpriced cellphone plan that makes you pay money for features and services you don’t need or use.

Shop around online to find a better cellphone plan that gives you more control over costs, and saves you money every month. People are often spending hundreds a year on minutes and texts included in their plan that they simply don’t use.

Sell Before You Buy

A great way to finance any purchase, and save money on just about anything, is to sell before you buy.

If you want a new TV or sofa, try selling your old one first to give you ‘money off’ your purchase. With some quick and easy eBaying, or buy selling locally on Facebook, you can make space for your new purchase and save money.

You can clear out even more clutter to get some bigger savings. People sell homemade crafts and old clothes on sites like Etsy and can make thousands of extra dollars a year!

Don’t let money come between you and the things you want. With some planning and preparation, and some savvy shopping, you can get a great deal on just about any product you want.