5 Essential Things to Look for When Hiring a Janitorial Service Provider


If you own commercial office space or retail property, you know it’s important to keep it clean and organized. The condition of your office is a significant0 factor in determining how people perceive your business. A clean working environment is linked to increased productivity among workers. Although smaller offices might decide to do the cleaning on their own, it’s widely recommended to hire the services of commercial cleaners to achieve the best results. Finding reliable janitorial services is not always easy, but with the right steps, you can hire the right one.

Here are some essential things you should look for when hiring janitorial service provider:

  1. Reputation

Before you hire the janitorial service, you need to know what people are saying about them. The best way to know more about them is to check reviews on their website and ask other people who have used their services.  You can also contact the company and learn more about their performance, consistency, and how responsive they are.

  1. The services they provide

The demands of every commercial building vary when it comes to office cleaning. Some need dusting, vacuum cleaning, and other basic cleaning services. Other companies demand major cleaning services. As the owner of the building or a person in charge of cleaning, you know what you want. So before you hire a janitorial service, inquire about the types of cleaning they provide. A reliable janitorial service will also help you decide which cleaning service is necessary for your office.

  1. Customer service

A reliable janitorial service should respect the customer’s time and provide them with the best services possible. Although cleaning should be a priority, establishing a strong relationship is also crucial. The janitorial service provider should continuously maintain regular communication, identify a problem, and offer a speedy remedy. They should also be willing to follow up with the customers consistently and ensure that they are satisfied with the cleaning they performed.

  1. Cost

Before you begin your search for the right cleaning company, you need to set a budget and look for a company that fits your budget. It’s usually not a good idea to settle for a company that offers too low rates. Most of these cleaning companies that charge lowest entail shortcuts and their level of services may not be perfect. Similarly, you must also be cautious of companies that charge too high for their services. The rule of the thumb is to hire a comparatively priced company.

  1. License and insurance

These two are very important when it comes to hiring janitorial services. The company must have a license and provide you with sufficient insurance documents for their services. The cleaning company must also have workers compensation, surety bond, and general liability. These are some of the standard insurance policies that a reputable cleaning company must maintain. Accidents can happen on the job, so you need to know who will take care of the damage or injuries.