5 charming ways to use the Saarinen armchair


    The Saarinen chair was designed to be as ergonomic and versatile as possible, which is why it can be quite easily introduced in a number of different spaces. From commercial buildings to fine eateries and casual residences, there’s no limit on where and when you can bring this chair in. So, if you’re searching some inspiration, here are 5 ideas to help you begin:

    1. In a commercial setting


    If you’ve ever visited a large office building, airport, or hotel, you’ll know how some of the transitional spaces in such buildings can be huge and overwhelming of left unfurnished. The Saarinen chair is perfectly versatile and a great choice for making such spaces feel lived-in and livelier. If you want an example, you can just take a look at this image. It’s the TWI terminal designed by Eero Saarinen (and now functioning as a hotel) whose sweeping expanse has been embellished with the classic chairs crafted by the same architect!

    1. Within restaurants


    The Saarinen chair is so visually versatile that it can look amazing in any genre of interior design. In fact, its comfy form and amazing contours would make an excellent addition in a restaurant as well. The plush fabric of its upholstery coupled with the thin metal legs makes a really nice combination. A number of these chairs could be featured opposite to a wall-mount bench with a cluster of tables in-between. Or you could simply go the conventional way and feature them 4-6 chairs for small and large place settings.

    1. Cozy breakfast nook


    The Saarinen chair is the perfect choice for furnishing a small, private, and cozy breakfast nook. It’s stylish and understated. Moreover, its ergonomic form means that you can easily lean back and recline comfortably within its contours to chase away the morning tiredness and enjoy your hearty breakfast. You can also pair it up with an amazing table – preferably one that visually contrasts with its design. The set-up featured in this image is such a classic, but amazing example of this idea!

    1. With the study desk


    The functional versatility of the Saarinen chair is one of its most amazing qualities. You can easily feature it in an office setting – both of the executive and home variety. If you take a look at this image, you’ll see how elegant and chic this chair can look at a gorgeous desk to complement it. Just make sure to pick a desk that contrasts as well as complements the overall aesthetic of this chair for the overall results to look truly holistic.

    1. Accenting the living room


    Lastly, you can add a lot of charm to you living rooms by furnishing with the timeless Saarinen chair. As you can see in this image, it’s a brilliant way to introduce some casual contrast in your home interiors. You can always pick out the chair’s upholstery to complement the furniture and overall surroundings to boot!

    These are some lovely ideas of using the Saarinen chair around a lot of different spaces. You’ll definitely appreciate them, and we also hope they help you come up with some unique ideas of your own.