4 Ways mezzanine floors can be useful for different businesses


Whether you want to create room for heavy machines to improve your operations, need space to display more retail items, need new meeting rooms, or have just outgrown your current space, the mezzanine floor at Erect-A-Rack are the best solution to all your issues. It is an excellent way to expand your storage space and create alternative accommodation. Mezzanine floors are the platforms that are created between the floor and ceiling of your premises. These raised platforms can be built in every shape and size and use the vertical space to almost double the space you have. These are highly cost-effective and can be made of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass according to your needs and budget. Mezzanine floors are mostly custom-made and are designed by considering the available space and the requirement of your business. For that reason, these are highly versatile and useful for almost all kinds of businesses. Here are some ways these can be put to use in different business situations.

  • Material handling and automation

Oftentimes the buildings for material handling are huge and have a lot of space above your head. This space can be put to good use by creating different floors using mezzanine flooring. This also creates plenty of room to place heavy and bulky automation machinery and conveyor systems. You can use one floor for these systems and others for storage, management, and packaging of the material. The mezzanine floors are made of high-quality steel that is sturdy enough to withstand the load of these machines. It not only enables you to use the same space for multiple purposes but also automates your operations thereby speeding them up.

  • Distribution and warehousing

Distributing warehouses and depots working with the conventional system of operations often see chaos during the high demand seasons. The limited space and excessive inflow and outflow of deliveries make things messed up. This reduces the efficiency of the workers and also cause mistakes that can have domino effects and result in more mistakes in the immediate future. Utilizing the vertical space and creating more room for storage make things more manageable. The stock is arranged in a more organized manner letting employees find and deliver things much easily and efficiently. It also reduced the chances of errors and save plenty of time, money, and energy.

  • Retail and office storage

You might begin a retail outlet with limited space. You spend a lot of money and time on advertising and now your business is growing. You need to increase the stock both in terms of quality and variety and would need space to display that. No retail store is appealing without proper display. Using mezzanine flooring you can use the vertical space and create another floor for more display. Letting your customers see all the options make buying easy and boost your earnings. Also, warehouses are not always meant for storage and material flow. You may also need to have offices and rooms to conduct meetings with your client to avoid coffee shops or hotels. A mezzanine floor can give your space for these rooms on the same premises without much investment.

  • Manufacturing and production

As your business grows you would like to compartmentalize your production or may want to establish an entire production or assembly line. Creating this space elsewhere not only needs more expenses in acquiring the premises but also make operations problematic as two units will have to coordinate. You can use the premises and create another mezzanine floor to accommodate these new lines efficiently.