3 Ways to Recover Money from Uninsured Drivers 


Recovering your damages from the other party is essential for most individuals. however, this can be really tricky in the case of drivers which are uninsured. Such damages can also be worth thousands of dollars, if not more. Unfortunately, across the United States, there are about 30 million uninsured drivers. In Idaho, there is a 13% chance that you will bump into one of them. Getting compensation from these drivers is difficult but not impossible. If you need any such help, be sure to consult your local Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. Below are 3 ways to recover money from uninsured drivers. 


There are mainly two types of coverages in Idaho. now, Idaho laws do not require drivers to purchase a PPP or personal injury protection. However, with the debilitating economic conditions all-around, if you are well-off, you need to take this seriously. Personal injuries can result in significant costs including brain injuries, neck injuries, and resulting medical bills, loss of income, and long-term sustainability. Without PPP, you can sue your own insurance provider for damages. Yes, this is a thing applicable in many cases, and can lead to significant recovery in damages. While this is a tough cookie to crack, you will need to treat your insurance company as an advisory in such cases. 

Health Insurance

Apart from insurance like PPP, your health insurance will also need to chip in to protect you from bodily harm. However, in most cases, insurance companies will try to find a way out of paying settlement claims. Such negotiation tactics can be a major blow to your recovery. Hence, be sure to hire an attorney to deal with insurance companies. You may have purchased several insurance schemes, including, collision insurance, PIP, insurance for uninsured, and more. Let your attorney study your insurance scheme, and let you guide with the best strategy to gain compensation


Many uninsured drivers may not have income to pay for your damages. However, many of these individuals will have assets to pay for in case you have suffered major damages. While it may seem completely heart-breaking to put a poor person under the scanner, you may not be able to survive your crash without it. Be sure to ask your attorney to verify the other party’s claims through online sources. Your attorney can cross-verify claims of no-insurance, and also check assets simultaneously. Furthermore, your attorney can also send legal notices first, and then transfer settlement to third-parties. This can drag on for a while, but usually settlement claims through third parties are taken far more seriously.