3 Tips for Using Your Storage Facility Like a Pro in the New Year


New Year’s Day brings about a whole new way of thinking for many, and besides losing weight or giving up a bad habit, getting organize is on the top of the average person’s to-do list for 2020. Here are a three ways to utilize a storage facility to help you meet your new year’s goals.

1. Cause a Bit of Upheaval in the Home

Why not start with a bang by upending your abode and getting a good look at all those treasures (or trashables) taking up the nooks, crannies, closets and drawers of your spaces. Things that you don’t really need but really, really want to keep may have no place in the home. Start fresh while keeping those mementos and furnishings tucked away safely in a climate-controlled storage facility.

2. Make Dual Use of Space

Some storage facilities allow renters to use their space a bit more freely than others. For example, you might be able to catch a quick workout in your unit if you’ve laid it out with gym equipment. Perhaps, crafters might get a couple of hours of work in while visiting their unit during the day. Be aware, that you should inquire with the management of the facility before attempting to utilize a unit for secondary purposes.

3. Don’t Store What You Don’t Want

While it’s super easy to pack up some bins and move things into a storage facility, avoid keeping things solely for the sake of keeping them. Share the love and gift unneeded items to friends or donate them to charity. Remember, the size of the unit determines the price you pay, so maximize on your space like a boss in 2020, and ditch what you don’t need.