3 Maintenance Tips for Your Heating & Cooling System

This article outlines three top maintenance tips for your heating and cooling system, including cleaning and replacing filters, washing air conditioner coils and getting duct cleaning in Melbourne done by professionals. Some companies providing duct cleaning may also offer filter and coil cleaning, but you will need to ask about the scope of their services to make sure. Read on to find out more. 

Clean and Replace Filters

It is essential that you clean and replace the filters of your heating and cooling system as needed. Many people are not aware that this is an aspect of maintenance that they need to pay attention to until something goes wrong with their system. The longer you leave it between cleans, the worse things can get, until the integrity of the system is compromised. It’s necessary to clean the filters at least once every six months to ensure that it’s working at optimum performance levels. Use the change of seasons as a reminder to clean and replace your filters – do so at the beginning of summer and again when winter comes along. Some systems may remind you themselves with an automatic message popping up. But if yours doesn’t automatically remind you, it might be up to you to remember to take out the filters and use warm soapy water to wash them. If you don’t wash your filters, you may notice that your HVAC system is compromised in performance, and may even draw more heavily on electricity, causing a spike in your utility bills. Regular cleaning aids the efficiency of your system and stops restriction of airflow caused by dust and debris.  

Clean Air Conditioner Coils

Air conditioner coils are elements that are associated with the running of your ducted cooling unit. As they’re outside, the can accumulate dust and dirt over a period of time. If you clean your filters at least twice a year, that will go some of the way to keeping your air conditioner coils in better condition, but this will not always be enough. You may still need to get air conditioner coils professionally cleaned for the highest levels of hygiene in your system. It’s an awkward job to do, but very important for the health of your air conditioner – as well as your family. Dirty air conditioner coils can contribute to overheating and cause your air conditioner to break down. Much like the filters, it’s recommended that air conditioner coils be cleaned every six months, although this advice can vary according to their location on your property and the local weather conditions. 

Get Duct Cleaning in Melbourne

As well as paying attention to coils and filters, you will also need to get your ducts cleaned by a professional every 2-5 years. The exact frequency with which you will need duct cleaning in Melbourne will fluctuate according to a number of factors, so it’s best to seek a professional opinion based on your own situation. Duct cleaning is well worth the fee, as it ensures the health of your household and removes disgusting contaminants such as dirt, mould, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, dust, insects, rodents and faeces from your ducts. To remove all this matter and ensure your home is hygienic, arrange duct cleaning in Melbourne on a regular basis.