2019 Guide To Renting A Car


Nowadays, most of us rely on our cars to get anywhere. When we’re suddenly without them, then, we fast fly into a panic. Whether you’re heading away on holiday or sending your car for repairs, though, there will be times when you have to hand over the keys. And, the best way to stay afloat during those periods is often to turn to car hire instead.

There’s now a range of hire car companies who offer rentals for both short and long-term use. Whether you want a replacement to drive at home, or a vehicle you can take overseas; there’s a company out there to provide what you need. This can make your life a lot easier, and ensure you continue to enjoy travel ease no matter how far away your actual car is.

If you’ve never hired a vehicle before, though, getting started can seem daunting. That’s why we’re here to help you along with this guide to renting a car in 2019.

A car hire company you can trust

Sadly, many hire companies want as much money from you as possible. This can mean overpriced car rent, as well as hidden costs or false repair accusations. That’s why it’s vital to search for companies you can trust. Personal recommendations are always a good bet here. Failing that, seek companies like Henfield Hire who have plenty of great customer testimonials. Then make an effort to find out more information about them and companies like them to guarantee you’re getting a good deal from a company who won’t try to scam you.

The ID you need for hire

As you can probably guess, hiring a car isn’t as easy as just handing over cash. You will also need ID and paperwork before you drive away. Understandably, you will need to provide your photo-card licence. You should also provide current proof of address and a payment card which is in your name. Note that, if points are found on your licence during initial checks, you may be refused rental or asked to pay a security deposit in advance.

What happens if you break down in a hire car?

Even once you drive away in your hired vehicle, you must know what to do in the case of a breakdown. This does vary between companies, so it’s always worth asking before you sign up for anything. In general, though, you should be covered by either the manufacturer warranty on your vehicle or the breakdown cover of the hire company in question.

In what state should you return a hire car?

Most times, car hire companies offer a like-for-like hire on all their vehicles. This means that your avoidance of penalties and further fines revolves around the state of the car when you return it. As such, it’s vital that you keep an eye on things like tyre pressure and oil levels. You should also return hire cars clean, and with as much fuel as was in the tank when your rental began.