What are the benefits of optimising your website with SEO?


Every year, online businesses and companies are looking for new and efficient ways to boost their online presence and increase their customer interaction. As the digital landscape has changed and evolved, SEO has remained an essential and essential element of marketing strategies. Our Warrington SEO experts at Blue Whale Media understands how to implement effective SEO techniques and personalise them to meet your business requirements. Through our years of experience, our team has seen the most common effects of effective SEO strategies. We have listed them below.

It is common knowledge that the majority of top-ranking results of Google search pages are more often than not paid for. The top results are usually there not by effective SEO techniques but by paid services. Therefore, the top unpaid results are heavily contested, and thousands of companies are potentially vying for those spots through personalised and high-quality SEO strategies. By utilising comprehensive analytics to determine the most competitive and effective keywords to boost your search engine ranking, you can guarantee that your company will see an increased and improved volume of traffic. As the traffic increases, your ranking will also increase, 

A higher return on investment

Investing in SEO techniques that provide you with quantifiable and consistent results is costly. Through trackable and comprehensive analytics, our Warrington SEO specialists at Blue Whale Media can observe any changes and fluctuations in your website or eCommerce platforms performance. Our expert team can provide detailed and accurate strategies to upkeep and ensure a significant return on investment. 


A well crafted and professional SEO strategy is one of the most cost-effective marketing investments as it targets customers and consumers online who are already searching for a product or service that you are offering. The inbound nature of this method of marketing is an assurance for companies that your target audience and site visitors are already interested in your product before you begin to advertise it to them. Although statistics show that cold calling and reaching out to potential customers is still an effective way to build clientele, it can be up to 60% more expensive than a targeted SEO strategy. For reasons like this, our Warrington SEO team at Blue Whale Media suggest that your company invests in a sound SEO strategy.

Increase your site usability

To allow your website increased usability and customer satisfaction, SEO strategies and techniques. Efficient SEO techniques help your site become easy to use and to navigate for your customers. An effective SEO marketing plan will restructure your sites internal architecture, allowing users and Google crawlers to navigate through the pages to find relevant information easily. Better structure leads to a higher ranking in Google’s SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages).

Increase your brand awareness

It is common knowledge that the highest organic and paid positions on Google’s SERPs leave the most significant impressions on customers. As a result of this, the companies that boast the top ranking on Google and other search engines see a higher degree of recognition and brand awareness from potential clients. By working on an effective SEO strategy that incorporates specific and targeted keywords and phrases and rockets your site to the top percentage of search results, you ensure that your target audience and established customer base trust you and your company. 

The more you work on your SEO strategy and ensure that your pages rank for those targeted words and phrases, the more likely you are to see a significant increase in customer interaction and loyalty. Customers trust businesses that present a consistent and dependable image. By implementing a well thought out and structured SEO strategy, you will begin to see an increase in customer retention. 


SEO is a significant and vital tool when building a successful website. Any agency or professional service with experience and understanding of the search engine optimisation know that prosperous SEO is an ever-expanding and evolving medium and must be consistently and frequently updated to reflect your business growth and clientele. 

Our Warrington SEO team at Blue Whale Media Ltd are fully qualified and proficient in providing personalised and specialised SEO marketing strategies that are bespoke crafted for your company requirements. Our expert team guide our customers through every stage of an SEO marketing plan and cater every approach and keyword/ keyphrase to suit your timeline, budget and concerns. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your project and find out what our team can do for you.