Understand These 5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic


Every website owner certainly wants his traffic to increase from time to time. However, the question is how to increase website traffic?

The website is one of the right tools for someone to build an online business or just build branding.

When you first created a website, you must have tried to increase traffic in various ways, from creating content consistently, sharing it on social media, and so on.

However, you feel that the traffic is not increasing. So how do you increase it? Don’t worry, the following Guest Post Service will explain it to you.

1. Keyword Research

The first way you can do to increase website traffic is to do keyword research.

While writing content on a personal basis may sound appealing, it’s not always recommended.

The reason is, if no one is interested in the idea, website traffic will be difficult to increase.

By doing keyword research, you can find keywords that are currently being searched for by people on Google.

Reporting from Ahrefs, you need to write content on the topic that many people are looking for. That way, your website has the potential to be in the highest Google rankings and get a lot of traffic.

There are many ways to do keyword research. You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and so on.

With these tools, you can find the right keywords for the content on your website.

2. Create a Catchy Title

Most people will be interested in clicking on a piece of content if the title looks interesting.

After finding the right keywords to write about, your next task is to think about a title that is clickbait.

There are many writers’ methods for making headlines stand out One of them is by including numbers and lists.

A title that includes a number has the potential to attract visitors to click on it. For example, “Understand These 5 Tips for Lose Weight”.

3. Maximize SEO On Page

In the end, Google will choose quality content. However, don’t forget to keep maximizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) On the Page.

Reporting from Word Stream, maximizing SEO On-Page has the potential to increase your website traffic.

Create internal links in your content, then include a meta description so that visitors can know your content.

Don’t forget to include images to sweeten your content so that readers don’t feel bored.

4. Increase Website Speed

Another way to increase website traffic is to pay attention to the speed of your website. Is your site fast or is it taking a long time to load?

Reporting to Neil Patel, 47% of visitors expect the website to open in 2 seconds or less. On the other hand, 40% of people will leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Thus, if your website is loading for a long time, it is likely that visitors will leave it so that the bounce rate occurs.

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the website. If a website’s bounce rate gets higher, the website’s ranking on the search page will decrease.

5. Active in the online community

Every blogger, businessman, or internet marketer certainly has an online community spread across various social media forums, such as Facebook, Kaskus, and so on.

You can join the online community according to the website that is managed. Apart from adding a network, you can also promote websites in the community.

Those are 5 ways to increase website traffic. It is not difficult to apply. You just need to be consistent and disciplined in doing it.