Pay Attention to the Location of the Law School



Students, who are interested in becoming a lawyer need to find the answer to the questions like, where they need to apply for an LLB degree? what are the career prospects in law? And, what parameters need to be kept in mind before making the final commitment? There are many colleges for LLB in Gurgaon where you can seek admission to gain your LLB and become a law graduate.  

However, it must be kept in mind that all law schools are not equally good and do not offer the same teaching experience and placement opportunities. You need to be aware of the reputation the law school enjoys and the academic environment it offers before settling upon a particular institute to study law. LLB courses in Gurgaon based reputable law schools, or, for that matter, in law school anywhere, is a sound combination of theory and practice. Classroom teaching is accompanied by case studies, Moot Courts, and visits to real courts for witnessing, first-hand, the working of lawyers in the real world. 

No doubt, a university in the middle of a happening city would provide students with tons of opportunities. But, the location of the law school shouldn’t be the only selection aspect while choosing a law school. Its reputation, infrastructure, quality of faculty, etc. should be taken into account too. 

It is also worth noting here that the reputation of the university affects your employability. Some of the world’s top employers recruit from reputed universities as they have made it a norm to teach holistically. With holistic education, law students can develop their skills which ultimately help them to become better employees. 

At the same time, it is your skills that would help you to grab your dream job. No doubt, you would have an upper hand if you pass out from a reputed university. But, ultimately, everything boils down to your performance during the interview session. If you are not able to prove your worth during the interview, your candidature would be cancelled.   

Quite interestingly, not all reputations are created equal. In case you opt to study at a university that isn’t recognized internationally, you cannot pursue jobs in foreign countries. Apart from placement and internship opportunities, the university should also be recognized globally so that the students can advance their careers in the right direction. Having your law school in the middle of the city would also allow you to cut short the commuting time. That’s why it is imperative to select a university carefully. 


The location of the law school plays an important part in your overall career prospects unless you happen to study law at Harvard or Yale wherein the brand name of the school completely overshadows the location factor. Else, it is important to pay attention to location as being near a modern and vibrant city like Gurgaon can make a marked difference as you seek to employ your knowledge to earn a livelihood. Big cities have courts as well as corporates in addition to banks, insurance companies, where you can find gainful employment.