How to Get Italian Citizenship for US Citizens 

Have you ever thought Rome would be a beautiful place to live? Maybe the Mediterranean coast is calling you home? Getting italian citizenship for us citizens may sound like a difficult prospect, but Italy actually has a much simpler pathway to citizenship than other EU countries. Here are 4 ways to get Italian citizenship.

Citizenship by Ancestry

  • Many countries offer citizenship by ancestry or Just Sanguines. Italy has one of the most lenient. While most countries require your parents or grandparents to be natural citizens, Italy just requires that you prove your Italian heritage! What does this mean? You’ll need birth certificates and marriage certificates connecting you to your Italian ancestor. The process may take some time—especially if your trying to connect the dots to your Great Step Uncle!


  • If you are looking for the fastest possible way to get italian citizenship for us citizens try falling in love with an Italian! Italy requires that the couple be legally married and reside together in Italy for 2 to 3 years. The marriage must also be legal the entire duration of the application—so no skipping out once the paperwork is in! While this is by far the fastest method, it’s also the only one that comes with a lifelong commitment to another person. If you’re lucky enough to have this method work out for you, Italian citizenship was meant to be!

Italian Naturalization

  • Naturalization is a legal word which means “to become a citizen of” a certain country. A “Naturalized” citizen is, in all respects, legally the same as someone born in a given country. To become a naturalized Italian, you must first live in Italy for 10 consecutive years. After three years, you can apply for Italian an EU residency and begin the Italian citizenship process. Once you cross the 10-year milestone you can apply to be naturalized and become a full Italian citizen.

Getting Your Residency

  • The first step to becoming a citizen is becoming a resident. In Italy, this means applying for a residency visa that will allow you stay more than 12 months within the country. This is necessary for people looking for work in the country as well. According to the Italian Embassy you will also need to undergo an “Integration Agreement.” While this may sound daunting, consider it more like a crash course in being an Italian citizen. You’ll be required to learn some basic Italian, how the Italian government is structured and functions, and the basics of everyday life as an Italian in order to pass the test.

Consider these 4 pathways and with the help of Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program, you’ll be an Italian citizen in no time!