Essential Features of a Good Office Printer


    All offices have the need to print documents, and it’s important for clarity and presentation to be on-point. If you’re looking to buy office printersin Australia, you’ll need to consider a number of factors. For example, you’ll need to think about specifications and capacity in terms of how many pages you’ll need to print each day. You’ll also need to consider size and efficiency of the printer. Read on to discover the specifications and features to look for in a good printer. 

    Specifications of a Good Printer

    High Printing Resolution

    This is a significant contributing factor to the quality of print-outs, as printerscan print in a variety of resolutions. Whether printing in colour or black and white,details should be sharp and clear. A good inkjet printer should have above 4800 by 1200 DPI, while a laser printer should have a resolution of 1200 by 1200 DPI.

    Multiple Functions

    Most users need a printer that can perform multiple functions. Many office printers combine the functions of printing, copying and scanning, while others add faxing to the list. Moderninkjet printers also often include photo printing as a feature. However, you should assess your need for particularfeatures and make sure you buy accordingly. While all-in-one printerscan benefit some offices, they might be an unnecessary expense if you won’t be using the other functions.


    The cost of a printer includes both the initial purchase price as well as operational costs over time. The initial cost will be largely determined by the specifications and the printing technology. An inkjet printer is relatively cheaper to purchase outright, while laser printers can have a higher price tag. However, laser printers are more affordable to operate and maintain over time, with toner costing less than ink.

    Printing Performance

    Printing performance refers to how fast the printer can print.This can be a significant factor, especially in a large office. A smaller printer can usually print a maximum of 30 pages per minute, while a laser printer can do more. Also, black and white print-outs are usually faster compared to colour documents. If your office has a lot of documents to print, it’s recommendedthat you choose afast printing laser printer to help save time.


    Advancements in connectivity technology inprintershavemade the process of printing a lot easier. Office printers can now connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and closed network (LAN) to print. Whatever type of printer you buy, you should make sure there’s at least one method of connectivity aside from direct plugging in. The printer should also be compatible with your personal computer, and the drivers should be easily available both online and provided by the manufacturer on a disc.


    The size of the printer will often depend on its capacity. An office that doesn’t need to print often can make do with asmaller A4 printer, while larger offices may need a bigger A3 printer to accommodate their printing needs.