Competitions for Slots on Social Media Platforms 


The 21st century has been pretty incredible so far, hasn’t it? We have been treated to all manner of exciting new technologies and innovations, so much so that it seems like the human world might never be the same again. The main thing to change by far has been the emergence of the online world including big gambling win, something that has been characterised by exciting new platforms such as Facebook, PayPal and YouTube that offer a wide range of services. 

Indeed, social media didn’t really exist back in the 20th century; however only two decades on and it governs much of the way we live. Something else that has sprung into massive popularity this century is, of course, online slots, and as time goes on it seems as though these two spheres are getting closer and closer. Want to know about competitions for slots on social media platforms? Keep reading to find out! 

Slots and social media platforms: A new age 

We really wouldn’t blame you for being somewhat surprised about the link between slots and social media platforms, especially if you are an older slot gambler who isn’t so use to social media. But here’s the thing: the online slot industry simply won’t stop in its search for more and more slot gamblers, something that pushes developers into thinking up new ways to attract more people to the market. 

One of the new ways in which they have sought to attract more people to spin those reels is through social media slots competitions. It might seem like a strange concept, but with social media slot competitions the slot gambling experience is a lot more sociable, and by extension of that more enjoyable for a wider range of people! 

Some of the reasons behind slots on social media platforms 

But why on Earth would you even want to play slots on social media platforms, doesn’t this go against the spirit of gambling somewhat? Well, that’s the thing, in places like the United States online gambling still occupies shady legal territory, and for this very reason social media slots are the only ways in which people can get the slots experience. 

With social media slot competitions the emphasis is more on having nice, wholesome sociable fun, and you cannot actually win any real money on them either. Some people might find this a bit rubbish, but you have no idea how much fun you can have on social media slots competitions until you try them! You never know, they could even end up making you closer to friends that you don’t see too often anymore. 

The best competitions for slots on social media platforms 

So then, what are the best competitions for slots on social media platforms? We’ve compiled a few of the best social media casinos out there: 

  •         Slotomania: Slotomania comes courtesy of Playtika, who are one of the pioneers in social media gambling. There is an incredible amount of choice with slots in particular, and all you need is a Facebook account to get playing.
  •         Hit It Rich: Another bona fide industry leader, Hit It Rich is a great social media slots competition.