Children Leading the Fight Against Global Warming


    We need to do something to combat global warming. The success of this endeavor is in our hands. We hold the key to the changes we want to see in this world. Unfortunately, not everyone is taking the right steps. On the contrary, many people even do otherwise. Instead of helping to fight global warming, they deny the problem exists and fan a false narrative.

    The good thing is that we see a lot of children taking the lead. They organize climate strikes. They also spread information online. They convince their parents that global warming is a priority, and something needs to happen soon.

    Greta Thunberg, a leading child activist, inspired a lot of people because of her actions. She didn’t let her age prevent her from doing the right thing. She even went toe to toe with other global leaders to send the right message. Her courage and ability to speak her mind are unbelievable. She did what a lot of adults don’t have the courage to do.

    A step in the right direction

    It’s great to see someone like Greta taking charge. It’s even better that there are many other children who are also doing their share. They have also started organizing. Around the world, climate strikes happen. Students walk out of their class to join protests on the streets to send the right message to adults.

    These actions show us that we don’t have to worry much about the future. These children are taking the right steps and are taking matters into their hands. They also see the bigger picture. If they don’t do anything now, it’s their future that could suffer.

    Alarming reality 

    Although we need to appreciate the steps taken by these children, we also need to feel embarrassed as adults. For them to decide that something needs to happen is a sign that adults aren’t doing enough. They’re trying to correct the mistakes and salvage the situation. It’s also a message that we have to feel concerned about the future of the planet and not depend on our children to take action. We did a lot of terrible things over the years and benefited from those actions. Now that it’s time to protect the planet, we appear to have decided to abandon our responsibilities.

    Change now 

    You have to introduce changes at home not only to feel good about yourself but to inspire your kids to do the same. It helps if you can partner with Evergreen Junk Removal to collect your trash at home and guarantee that it goes to the right places. You also need to be consistent in your efforts to inspire your children. They won’t believe you if you only tell them what to do, but your actions speak otherwise.

    We should be proud because children are taking action. They know what to do, and they understand the situation. However, we can’t let them do everything alone. You also have to do your share and help organize others to fight global warming.