BSA: Not Only Quality Air Rifles but Accessories Too

Bsa air rifles are renowned throughout the shooting industry, used by shooters of all levels on a daily basis. Offering unrivalled airguns and air rifles of the widest selection, BSA rifles are highly sought after and incredibly impressive – Not only of the highest and most superior standards but also available at great, competitive prices! The company even sell a supreme range of BSA air fire accessories, ensuring that shooters can purchase as many things as they need as possible in one place, whilst ensuring consistent quality. There is no point in using a high quality rifle to shoot if you are going to use cheap and poorly designed accessories.

BSA Air Rifle Accessories

BSA air rifles are amazing, they are possibly the best in the world, and they really do come with a wide range of accessories, all of which are also of the highest qualities and standards and available at affordable prices.  There are BSA air rifles and accessories available for all manner of shooter, and for all shooting occasions, whether you are just going out shooting with your friends or are going to a professional shooting event or show.


There are a wide range of targets available at BSA Air rifles including:

  • Crow field target
  • Paper targets in packs of 100
  • Rabbit field target with 4x bulls eye rings

Gun bags

BSA Air Rifle bags are available in a wide variety catering for all carrying needs and including:

  • Rifle rest
  • Polytwill gun bag
  • Tactical carbine backpack
  • Tactical case mat


There are many pellets available to use with BSA Air Rifles:

  • Blue star
  • Red star
  • Interceptor
  • Elite
  • Storm
  • Pylarm

Gun safes

The manufacturer even offers gun safes to ensure that shooters can store their weapons as safely as possible, these include:

  • Vault style
  • Hi-density foam
  • Anti-crowbar
  • Single key access


BSA silencers are now growing in popularity, including:

  • The silentium
  • New VC silencer
  • Muzzle brake


  • Cold hammer forged barrels

Anyone looking for more information about BSA air rifles or wanting to purchase them, can visit BSA Air Rifles today. Alternatively, there are many air gun suppliers available whom sell the best BSA rifles, including but not limited to Solware.

Solware is one of the UK’s favourite air rifle and pistol suppliers, offering all of the highest quality and innovative weapons, from all of the world-leading manufacturers at all times. Solware is also home to a highly knowledgeable and friendly team who are always available for people to call should they have any questions or require shooting advice such as guiding into making the best gun buying decisions! All of their contact details are available on their website alongside directions to their physical store.