Brief History of Martial Arts


    Martial Arts are several systems of types of skill usually used for the protection of oneself or others. However, while it is used widely around the world, it isn’t something that has just one pinpointed place of origin. Every culture has some form of these types of systems that are practiced regularly. Now, while mostly thought of as an Asian type of skill or creation, it isn’t just subject to the Asian culture.

    Martial Arts has been taught since almost the beginning of time, it usually has been passed down from parent to child, at least in ancient times. In modern times, many have decided to teach their style to others that wish to learn it usually for some type of fee or gain. There are many different versions and hybrid styles that have branched out from the ancient forms of the skill and comes from every corner of the world and from every belief and religion that one can imagine. The skills taught vary from region to region and instructor.

    The skills that one may acquire basically are balance, kicking, punching, breathing control which are all apart of the foundation of martial arts, but there are other techniques that are usually taught that are specific to the brand or version, for lack of a better phase, that one is trying to learn such as, Jujitsu, Judo, Kung Fu and so on. Some are taught with weapons others are not.

    European styles differ greatly from North American, South American, Asian even African styles. Like the rest of the arts, some use weapons some don’t.

    The term Karate means “open hand” and the term “Martial Arts” is derived from martial meaning arts of Mars, so, the student is always taught to use their hands, feet inner strength and other senses to help keep themselves safe during any type of combat. When deciding on which style to begin learning and studying, do intensive research and try finding out everything that you can about the style, the rules, where it derived from etc.

    The Martial Arts in San Diego for instance, has many varied styles to choose from, some are awesome others not so much. It really depends on the instructor and the depth of study that you wish to immerse yourself in. Some instructors aren’t as good as others, if you find a style that really makes a great impression on you, seek out a qualified and well educated instructor with a good dojo that has been in it for a good length of time and not just sprung up last week or something.

    Many styles of martial arts in San Diego are branches off the main stream in other areas and therefore you should really do some in depth research on the style you may be interested in learning this way you are less likely to fall prey to someone that is just into it for the violence, money, some sort of power trip, and most likely will not only take your money then disappear after a while, but also will insure that they know exactly what they are teaching, their methods are sound and are of the right moral codes you want to uphold and less likely to get you hurt or teach stuff that is really immoral and/or wrong.

    In the ancient world, martial arts were for self defense yes but it was also for other things as well, for instance, keeping one physically fit, help keep toned, help with temperament, even for dancing. It’s of high opinion that the martial arts isn’t just for fighting but has something for everyone young and old alike.