An Armoire – the right way to use it


The Armoire is perhaps one of the most misunderstood pieces of furniture ever. The maximum we have thought about an armoire is as an option to store our TVs and other equipment. However, the concept of an Armoire dates back to as early as the 1500s. 

What is an Armoire? 

The Armoire, pronounced arm-wah, is ideally a cupboard that has shelves and drawers under it. It is furniture that comes with two doors and shelves to store things, so the dictionary meaning of the word is correct. 

Over the years, the armoires took the shape of the closets and were used for storing clothes and other valuable items. 

How can you use the Armoire in your interior design? 

Well, there are several ways you can implement a perfect usage of an Armoire. Some of the ideas can be as outlined in this compilation. Though not strictly from an interior designer’s point of view, the tips here should be helpful enough. 

In the bathroom

The bathroom can have a stylish addition of an armoire. It can ideally be used in the form of a linen chest. 

The Armoire inside the bathroom can ideally serve as the best place for storing the extra towels, linens and other items. Make sure that the finish is light enough. Take care to ensure that you are using the practically waterproof options when choosing the Armoire as a linen chest.

A Cabinet in the Hall

Setting an armoire as a cabinet in the hall can be an excellent option further. If your home or living room has higher ceilings, an armoire can be an excellent option in more ways than one. 

Opting for the best wooden armoires can be an excellent option in those circumstances. Opt for the right empty wall in your living room so as to find an excellent choice in helping you have access to the perfect ambience.

A Bar

Using an Armoire as a bar can be an excellent option for the best entertainment purposes. That can be a perfect option in case you want to entertain your guests while making them go gaga over your choice of the best style and décor.

Using high end designs and look for the Armoire when closed can make it have access to the best possible attraction to your living room. An antique style would ideally be an added advantage.

The History of Armoires

An Armoire is an excellent choice for storing your clothes. It can essentially be an excellent option for using as a cupboard for storing clothes. It can be the right option as a movable closet which will add more value to your décor and storage. 

However, do note that armoires were not traditionally associated with the clothing storage options. They were the clever and secret options to store the weapons and guns clandestinely. In essence, an armoire was a closet specifically designed to save the armours in such a way that they are not detected with ease. 

The concept of arms storage changed over the years to clothes storage. This has been reported to have happened around the 17th century. The valuable items and clothes were stored in the armoires, and the focus began shifting towards storing the clothes. 

In the modern times, an armoire has become a classic style or technique of storing your normal belongings. In fact, it has now assumed a unique styling and something you would use to improve your décor further. 

What are the advantages of using an Armoire?

Well, when compared to a closet, an armoire offers you an excellent means of flexibility when you use it inside a bedroom. 

In fact, the Armoire offers you a sort of timeless appeal and can be an excellent choice for improving the look and appearance of your room, bedroom or even a living room. While most of the armoires and wardrobes have been used interchangeably, there is a definite difference between the two. An expert interior designer and a perfect furniture brand should ideally help you make a well-informed choice for better results in choosing an ideal sounding armoire, that brings out an elegant combination of both the vintage appeal and modern convenience at the same time.

Get access to the best armoire experience and give your home or the living room a unique and exciting look ever.