6 Handy Products Kits Every Company Can Give To Their Employees  


    People don’t leave organizations; they leave their bosses. If you are running a company, it’s your job to retain your star employees and there are a thousand ways of doing it. In this article, we would especially focus on some of the most basic things you could do. Many street smart companies welcome their new employees by gifting them stuff, which is not useful for the new recruits but also for the recruiters.

    Well, you see these gifts serve multiple purposes. Gifting is one of the oldest ways to make people happy, and our modern companies have stuck to this unspoken rule for very many years. However, if you gift something of high utility, it’s imperative that your employee would most probably use it outside work too. Moreover, if you customised those gifts enough to place your brand name there, this could also be a free advertising opportunity for you!

    So, in order to make the most of the gifting formalities, you need to pick out highly useful products. What are the best gifting ideas that you can implement for your employees? Here are a few that would definitely be a win-win for you as well as them:

    1. Coffee mug

    Given that coffee drinking is such a rage all over the world, why don’t you gift a wonderfully designed coffee mug to your new and old employees? This thoughtful gesture would go a long way in creating that bond between you and your employees. Moreover, if you are really picky and generous with the designs of the mugs, they may even take it outside the office. This is where a subtle integration of your brand on the mug could do you good too!

    1. Customised stationery

    Given that your colleagues are spending long hours in growing your business, how about gifting them customised pens, and other pieces of stationery. You could encourage your staff to organize their work by giving them post-it note pads, diaries, and other stuff that helps them track their work.

    1. Customised bags

    There is a reason why companies go for customised bags, over other commodities they may offer.  Apart from making your staff happy, these bags also work as excellent promotional materials outdoors. Imagine your name on a bag slung by your employee while going back home! However, you should only choose a trusted vendor such as Custom Gear Australia to get a good quality product that is also customised as per your brand’s visibility in mind. These days, customised bags come in various colours, sizes, and configurations.

    The era of a laptop-friendly bag is gone; today, you can pack much more stuff in your bag like your camera, water bottles, grocery items, books, and much more. Straps have become softer but sturdier. There is much more variety in colours, and we won’t be exaggerating when we say that customised bags have become the new style statements in our world.

    1. Mobile cases

    Many companies now offer free mobile phone cases to their employees as one of their perks. We all know that our phones are our most precious things; we spend most of our free time with our devices checking out what’s new in the world. Given this proximity to our phones, some companies use it to get even closer to their employees. It would be a great idea if you thought on these lines, your staff would simply love this out of the box gift and furthermore, you could incorporate your logo or your tagline as a design for the cover.

    1. Customised clocks

    While clocks are slowly going out of fashion, it would still be a nice idea to gift customised clocks to your colleagues. Help them keep track of time. Moreover, this gift would surely make its way outside the office arena. One does not keep a clock at work, but they can sure use one for an empty wall at home! No wonder, a lot of clocks that are gifted have brand integrations.

    1. Branded T-shirts

    If you want to encourage your employees to let their hair down once in a week, gift them a customised T-shirt that has your logo. Make sure that this t-shirt is in bright colours, and is something that your employees would not hesitate in putting on. These days, you can order your customised t-shirts online in bulk at affordable costs.

    We hope this article has given you six good ideas on how to go about gifting your employees.