40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

Vietnamese businessman giving Christmas present to female colleague

Women turning 40 is at an alluring stage in their life, where they are more comfortable in their own skin, as compared to their younger days in their 20s, 30s.  For most women in their 40s, they have established a certain career in their life, have their own family or group of close knitted family members and friends that they can count on.  They know better what they want in their life and most importantly of all, with more financial stability, is working towards leading the life that they crave for.

Bearing the above in mind, below is a carefully curated list of birthday gift ideas for the lady turning the big 4-0, the woman of your life, your colleague, family member or friend.  Give her a gift that will make her 40th birthday a heart-warming and memorable one.

  1. Hobby related gifts

Most women have interests and hobbies that they do during their past time.  This is especially so for 40 year old women as they are at a more stable stage in their life in all aspects, be it family, social or career aspect.

Hence buying gifts that are related to their hobbies is one of the 40th birthday gift ideas for her, as they are both functional and meaningful.  The gift is thoughtful as well because it shows that you are aware of how she spends her past time.  

Most women at 40 will have a hobby that is related to their well-being, be it physical or mental.  Physical ones may be exercise related such as gym workouts or yoga, gifts to consider can be attire relating to the exercise.  Mental ones may be mindfulness practice, gifts to consider can be a comfortable cushion for them to sit and practice their mindfulness session or a set of essential oils to create the comfortable ambience for their session.

  1. Office related gifts

This is a perfect gift idea if the forty year old woman, whether is for your wife or female friend, is at the top of the corporate ladder or spends a large part of their time at work.  Consider gifts that can spruce up their desk or make their work area more professional and organised. An charging station cum organiser gift personalised with their name is sure to make their day, as they can charge all the gadgets that they have in the office and make full use of the drawers of the organiser to keep their items neat and tidy. They will thank you for making their second home comfortable and cosy.

Another item to consider is a wooden plaque with motivational words and their name inscribed which boost positivity every day at work and at same time adds some colour and vibrancy to their desk.

One fantastic 40th birthday ideas for wife relating to office related items to present her with a vase of gold dipped roses, which are made from real roses, preserved by the dipping them in gold.  This is a great way to show your eternal and unwavering love for her on a daily basis, even at work.

The above list of gift ideas are helpful for you to search and buy a present to the 40 year old woman’s liking.