2 Easy Dessert Recipes With Chocolates


Chocolates are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. In any form, chocolates are the most universally accepted ingredient for desserts, drinks, shakes. Chocolates are carved even on the moment needy of days, sought by those looking for some comfort food. There wasn’t quite a variety of healthy chocolate to choose from in the past century. However, in the past decade, chocolate manufacturers are trying harder to come up with healthier options, especially for those looking for gluten-free chocolates. Now, gluten-free chocolates are available for purchase online.

February 14th, the coveted Valentine’s Day if you are planning to surprise your special someone with a meal on the rooftop. Here are a few of the easy recipes that you can try to impress your dear ones with. These recipes also can be used if you are invited over to a valentine themed party with your comrades and friends. All of these recipes are made from gluten-free chocolate bars, and gluten-free chocolate chips bought online from Italian food stores. If you don’t want to attempt a hand at making these recipes, you could always just gift your loved ones a package of chocolate gifts online bought.

Recipe 1: Chocolate Covered Cherry Magic Bars

This recipe has a brownie base and one of the most decadent dessert options that remind one of the occasional decadent cakes that people treasure always.

The Ingredients are:

  • A cup of all-purpose flour (or gluten-free flour for a healthier option)
  • A cup of sugar (brown or white, your choice)
  • A quarter teaspoon of salt (to enhance the taste)
  • Half a cup of cocoa powder
  • A stick of butter that equals eight tablespoons quantity
  • A quarter cup of gluten-free chocolate chip
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Two eggs
  • 10 ounces of maraschino cherries (cut in half and fully drained)
  • A cup of gluten-free chocolate chip
  • Three-quarters of a cup of sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk)

Directions for Recipe

  1. Firstly preheat the oven to 350 degrees and take a 9 by 13-inch baking vessel and spray it with a cooking spray inside.
  2. Then in a large bowl, mix the dry items – flour, sugar, salt, cocoa powder, and baking powder.
  3. Next, melt the butter and chocolate chips in the microwave or double boiling. Keep stirring to keep the consistency smooth.
  4. After this process, in a bowl, mix the melted chocolate and butter liquid, eggs, and vanilla and combine them with the dry ingredients fully folding it to make a good mixture of items. Press this mixture into the bottom of the baking vessel.
  5. Top this with a half-cut cherries, gluten-free chocolate chips, and the condensed milk.
  6. Leave this to bake in the oven for 28 minutes to 30 minutes, until the edges seem golden brown.
  7. Let this sit overnight.
  8. Cut and serve this decadent goodness to your loved ones. They’ll keep asking for more.

For a health conscience dessert option – try these healthy bars instead;

Recipe 2: Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bars


  • 10 Medjool dates (pitted)
  • Half a cup of peanuts
  • Half a cup of egg white protein powder or collagen powder
  • Two tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • A quarter teaspoon of sea salt (enhances the taste)
  • One to three teaspoons of water (according to need)
  • Two tablespoons of gluten-free chocolate bar chunks

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Instructions for the recipe:

  1. Line a bread loaf pan with parchment paper
  2. Then add the dates, peanuts, protein/collagen powder, cocoa powder, and the seas salt into a food processor until it’s well combined. You may add a tablespoon of water, in case it’s not sticking together.
  3. Transfer this mixture into the loaf pan and now grate some chunks of the gluten-free chocolate bars on top of the mixture.
  4. Let this harden in a fridge and then cut and gift these to your loved ones who are health conscious.

These two recipes are perfect for this valentine’s day celebrations – one so decadent and other so healthy. What more does one need!