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Quill.com offers the products you need to run your office from paper to furniture, coffee to soap (plus fast shipping!). A small part of your job is 100% ours!

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Quill Deals

No deals for this store yet. If you know about a good sale please submit it!

What is Quill?

Quill is an office supply company located in the United States that has been offering reliable service to their customers since 1956. Quill services more than 1 million US based businesses ranging in numbers with the bulk of their sales being to small and mid sized companies. Quill mostly sells its products online to businesses directly, but they have also offer mail order and direct sales models if that’s more your speed.


The company, which is owned by Staples, Inc. is also one of the largest business to business direct sellers of office supplies in the United States so you know you’re dealing with a quality company that’s dedicated to its employees. And because they’re owned by Staples, Inc. you can rest assured that what you’re ordering is high quality.


Quill isn’t just devoted to office supplies though; they also sell professional medical equipment, furniture, safety products for the workplace, snacks, K-cups, cleaning supplies, breakroom items, and technology products. So if there’s something you need for your business, chances are Quill has it. And if you’re looking to bulk order items, Quill waives ALL shipping and handling fees on orders over $45 as an added bonus. You can also subscribe (set up a repetitive delivery service) on items for even more savings.


What also sets Quill apart from other companies that cater to business supplies is their transparency and willingness to speak directly to their customer base. If you’ve got questions about the products, shipping, or company in general, Quill has staff ready to live chat about your concerns. Not your speed? They also have their email and company telephone number, which yes it actually does connect you to a live person, available on their website.   


Another cool thing about Quill is that they will send you personalized specials based on your needs so you’re always guaranteed to get the most out of what you’re spending on the website. And another cool perk? You’ll get free gifts with your purchases using their shared cart!



How to Use Your Coupon Code

1.      Shop around for what you’re after. Once you find a product you like, add it to the cart then rinse and repeat until you’ve gotten everything. You can also choose to subscribe to items while looking around.

2.     Done shopping? Click the yellow box with the shopping cart logo on the right side of the screen to view your cart. This will begin your checkout process.

3.     To the right of your order, you’ll see your total and above it two checkout options. If you’re new to the site, you’ll want to click “proceed to checkout”, otherwise you slide the VISA checkout for a faster experience. *You will still get the chance to review your order and add discounts if you choose this method.

4.     If this is your first time on Quill, you’ll need to choose whether or not you want to checkout as a guest or create an account. We highly recommend creating an account so that your information is saved otherwise you’ll have to manually enter it in every time you visit.

5.     To the right of your screen you’ll see your order and just below that an area that says Coupons. Enter your promo code(s) and hit apply. *Note that you can only add up to 5 discounts so choose them wisely.


Quill Review

“We understand the importance of having a trusted partner who’s always looking out for you. That’s why we dedicated each and every day to providing the best service possible to you, our customer” is the perfect way of summing up Quill. Quill is 100% devoted to its customer base and honestly every other company should take a page out of their book. While their fast, free shipping on qualifying orders is a definite perk when it comes to using this site, the best feature is the live chat. Regardless of what time you’re browsing the website, there’s always someone available to answer any questions you might have. And as an added bonus, the live chat employees are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated. If that’s not your thing, you can always reach them via phone or email.


Their free gifts with shared cartorders and QuillPointsPlus are other great features that earned this company a glowing review. Most of the time when you see “free gift included with your purchase” it’s something small and insignificant like a pen or planner. Quill, however, goes above and beyond by providing its buyers with stuff that they’ll actually want and use. At the time of this review, Quill was giving away a free freezable bento box set, which was actually really cool. Unlike most free gifts, the bento box set is really good quality and full size. So if you’re using the shared cart, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the free gift; it’s worth it.


The QuillPointsPlus is also a really cool feature. Like most reward systems, you’ll receive points for every purchase you make and after X amount of points (1 QPoint for every dollar spent in the case of Quill) you can redeem them for really cool products. And no, you don’t get a choice of really lame, low quality gifts either. Quill offers a number of cool redeemable items including an Apple iPad and Google Home. You’ll also get 1000 points just for signing up and every month you’ll get bonus points if you reach their spend goals. There is an annual fee of $19.95 associated with QuillPoints but honestly it’s a small price to pay for such cool perks.


If you have a problem with your order, don’t worry about it! Quill has you covered. The company free online returns and has a flexible 30-day return policy. While most websites will give you grief over returns and make it just generally not worth your time, Quill is the opposite. They offer hassle free returns and will go out of their way to make sure you’re happy.