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CVS Online Pharmacy provides you with access to prescription drugs, health information and medical care from a pharmacy and drug store brand name you know and trust.

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What is CVS?

CVS or CVS Pharmacy as it is sometimes called is an American retail and health care company. It is also currently the largest pharmacy chain in the United States in regards to how many stores it has spread across the states. There are an estimated 9,600 stores currently and that number continues to grow every year. While CVS is mostly known for selling prescription and over the counter the counter medications, the company also sells a variety of other products and cosmetics. At CVS you can find grocery items, cleaning products, hair and skin care items, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards, toys, and a variety of beauty products.


CVS has one of the largest selections of makeup and beauty products when it comes to non-cosmetics based stores. This retail giant sells Maybelline, NYX, Cover Girl, Milani, Benefit, and many more brands giving their customer base a wide selection in regards to makeup. You can also buy hair dye, brushes, flat irons, press on nails, false lashes, shampoos, and body washes. And CVS doesn’t just cater to the ladies; there are number of men’s body care and grooming products available as well.


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, CVS is your store. Despite the fact that the process is a bit “dated”, the store still offers in house photo development as well as film and photo finishing services. While you can obviously still drop your roll of film off at the store and have in processed in around an hour, you can also upload digital images from your phone and have them printed in store. Then you can opt to pick them up in person or have them mailed for a nominal fee.


Despite all of the other cool stuff in the store, the company remains a top pick for its pharmacy. In store and online you can renew your prescriptions, set up auto refills, add family members, learn about your prescriptions, and talk to a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy technician about the medications you’re taking.


Another cool thing about CVS’s healthcare is that many of the stores offer Minute Clinics. Minute Clinics are similar to general practitioners but instead of waiting to be seen an hour or so after your appointment time, you’re seen really quickly. You’re also in and out relatively fast. These clinics have licensed staff that can help treat basic issues such as the flu, colds, respiratory infections, and vaccinations. The clinics also accept most insurance plans and once you’re done, your prescription is sent over the pharmacy for a fast fill.


How to Use Your Coupon Code on Prescriptions

*More often than not you won’t be able to use coupons on prescriptions, but occasionally the deals arise. Since the process is a bit different from your standard checkout, we’ve split the instructions into two different headings.

1.      You’ll start by navigating to the Pharmacy icon and clicking on it. Once the page loads, you’ll be prompted to “Create an Account” or “Refill as a Guest”. We highly recommend creating an account.

2.      If you chose create an account, fill out the required information and click next. If you’re checking out as a guest, you’ll need to enter in your prescription information as well as your personal info then click continue. *If you’ve already created an account and are refilling, you’ll skip all of this and sign in.

3.      If this is your first time using the CVS pharmacy, you’ll need to enter in your prescription RX numbers otherwise, you’ll select the prescription you’re picking up.

4.      On the checkout page, you’ll see a little area for your discount code or promo. Simply put your code in and click “apply”.

5.      Enjoy your savings!


How to Use Your Coupon Code for Regular Products

1.      Once you find an item you want to buy, you’ll click “add to basket”.

2.      After you’ve finished shopping, you’ll want to click the small “basket” text located below the search bar in order to check out.

3.      Unlike most websites, you won’t be prompted to log in/create an account until you’ve reviewed your items. Right below your total, you’ll see an area to enter your promo code in. Type in, hit apply, and you’re good to go.

4.      Next, you’ll be prompted to sign in, create an account, or checkout as a guest. We always recommend creating an account.

5.      And in order to get your ExtraCare card perks, you’ll need to sign in or create an account so do so.


CVS Review

It’s no secret why CVS has been in business for 54 years and is constantly expanding; they’re fantastic. CVS is incredibly convenient in every aspect of the word whether you’re shopping online or in person. Whether you’re looking for quality makeup, refilling your prescription, printing digital photos, or setting up a visit to the Minute Clinic, CVS has you covered.


While their pricing is a little on the higher end for your everyday items (you’ll pay an average of $1-$2 more for a gallon of milk at CVS than you would at a Kroger), you really can’t beat the convenience. Plus their Minute Clinic and prescriptions tend to be much, much cheaper than anywhere else. On average, customers spend less on their medications and treatments at CVS than anywhere else. Because their healthcare is so affordable, other products have to be higher in order to balance it out so it’s worth it to buy the milk and other items at a steeper cost.


One of the best things about CVS is their rewards card or ExtraCare. Every time you make a purchase and use your ExtraCare card at the checkout, you obtain points. After you reach X amount of points, they can be redeemed for cash off of your total purchase. On average, you’ll earn 2% back with every swipe or scan of your card so the points add up quickly. The ExtraCare card also nets you discounts on items and you can even build points by using the card at the CVS clinic or when you pick up your prescriptions. Plus, it’s free so there’s really no reason not to sign up. And while they do tend to spam your inbox quite a bit with deals, many of the offers are too good to pass up.